Letter from the Editor: Samantha Tyler


By Samantha Tyler

For most students at Union, the fourth floor of Reamer is merely the place you take the painfully slow elevator up to when you want $5 movie tickets or candy from Student Activities or you need to go to the bathroom. For me, though, the fourth floor of Reamer is where I have spent more time than any other place on campus.

If the walls of the Concordiensis office could talk, they would explain how many hours each one of us on the staff dedicates every week to producing the paper. The first time I entered the office to copyedit, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of people in the office doing a million different things at once and talking about things like ‘picas’ and ‘quark’ that just sounded like gibberish. When I became an editor, it all made sense, and I learned how it is possible for a group of incredibly busy students to put together a newspaper every single week.

If those walls could talk, they would admit that we could probably finish the paper in much less time if we didn’t like each other so much. They would tell you about the time I decided to stand on a chair while hugging the Concordy Dog to tell the entire staff that I loved them and to admit that I’m a grammar Nazi … that’s when they elected me as Managing Editor — go figure. The walls would tell you that the amount of food ordered, consumed and thrown in the office is absurd and should never be talked about, ever.

What the walls of the Concordy office cannot tell you, however, is how proud I am to be a Concordy Warrior and how grateful I am for the paper, what it has taught me and, especially, the staff. I cannot explain how it feels to successfully publish a paper. I would say it almost feels like birthing a child but then there would be about 50 little Sammi Tylers running around, and that is just too weird. So, instead, suffice it to say that I smile every single time I see a Concordy in someone’s hands or I overhear a conversation about an article.

I want to thank you, Union, for giving us so much to write about. The members of this community accomplish truly amazing things, and it has been my pleasure to help make them public. I also want to thank you for reading the paper. This campus and this paper have proven to me that the written word is not dead and that the Concordy is at its best when it empowers individuals to be heard by the entire Union community.

To the current Concordy staff: thank you for everything. Thank you for putting up with me when I played “I Knew You Were Trouble” a gajillion times. Thank you for consistently providing me with hilarious things to put into the Overheard section.

Editors, thank you for filling your sections with articles people wanted to read and making our paper so awesome every week. Sam Bertschmann, thank you for making my day with every pop culture reference you have ever slipped into your section. And copyeditors, I so appreciate your help combing through every word of the paper each week to try our hardest to make it perfect.

To the future staff: remember that you give students a voice and that they deserve to be heard. I have faith that you will all work your hardest to make this paper something that you can be proud of.

Finally, thank you Gab, Emily and Grace, for being such amazing team members as well as friends. We deserve to be in that Oscars heroes montage because we are a fierce group of gals that really gets sh*t done (plus, we would double the number of females in it). I can only hope that teams I work with in the future are even half as fun, determined, energetic, hardworking and just all-around wonderful. The three of you are my Concordy family and I love every minute I spend with you.

Gab, I so admire your never-ending enthusiasm and determination to give this campus the newspaper it deserves. I will miss noticing that you have been in the office when all of the chocolate chips have been picked out of the cookies.

Emily, your level-headedness and attention to detail have truly improved the quality of the paper. Coming up with terribly punny headlines with you has always been a highlight of my Tuesdays.

Grace, you are one of the strongest and kindest people I know and the paper would not ever look so beautiful if it weren’t for you — you rock.

I’m going to miss lying on the floor of the Concordy office, watching J.Law clips, throwing fruit across the room, ordering Gershon’s and sneaking as many Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Mean Girls references as possible into my everyday vernacular and the paper with the three of you.

I will always think of Tuesdays as Concordy Tuesdays.


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