Editor’s Picks: March 6, 2014


By Editorial Board

Khalid el-Hakim, left, spoke to students about the 3 M’s exhibit. el-Hakim has been collecting memorabilia related to African American history for over 20 years.

Black History Month concluded with 3 M’s Museum

Kate Collins in |

This Tuesday, some may have noticed the Black History 101 Mobile Museum in the atrium of Schaffer Library. The exhibit this year was focused on the “3 M’s: Martin, Motown & Michael.” The exhibit was followed by presentations by museum …→
This photo broke Twitter with over three million retweets.

Recap: The world’s most exclusive pizza party

Sam Bertschmann in |

Though the winners of this year’s Academy Awards shocked absolutely no one, host Ellen DeGeneres filled the evening with other surprises, the biggest being that she only brought up Finding Nemo once. “It has been raining,” said Ellen of the …→
The Blackphone, a privacy-oriented smartphone, will go on sale in June of 2014.

Blackphone: the privacy phone

Rebekah Williams in |

New smartphone offers encrypted calls, texts and contact lists Long before the NSA scandals, plans were in the works for a new phone with increased privacy settings. Mike Janke, a former Navy SEAL, creator of the email encryption program Pretty …→

Senior staff members say their goodbyes in their last issue of the Concordy


Letter from the Editor: Gabriella Levine

Gabriella Levine in |

My wild ride with this newspaper began in my freshman year with a story on bunnies. No, I am not kidding. I had my first “reporting” experience when I traveled to the seventh floor of College Park Hall to investigate …→


Letter from the Editor: Emily Brower

Emily Brower in |

If you had asked me four years ago what I wanted to do before I graduated, I would not have said, “Editor-in-Chief of the Concordiensis.” That position seemed far out of my reach. So I set my sights on being …→

Letter from the Editor: Samantha Tyler

Samantha Tyler in |

For most students at Union, the fourth floor of Reamer is merely the place you take the painfully slow elevator up to when you want $5 movie tickets or candy from Student Activities or you need to go to the …→

Letter from the Editor: Grace Delgado

Grace Delgado in |

I don’t like writing. Funny thing to admit from an editor, I guess. But my role here has been editing layout and photography. I’ve mainly been behind the scenes of the paper, and I’ve loved every minute of it. For …→

Letter from the Editor: Joshua Ostrer

Joshua Ostrer in |

This is my last issue of the Concordiensis as Sci-Tech Editor. In my two years as editor, I’ve edited and formatted the Science and Technology section 50 times, written over 80 articles for the Concordy and I’ve enjoyed all of …→

A farewell to Arts

Sam Bertschmann in |

I am so honored to have been part of the Concordiensis staff during my time at Union. It always warms my heart to see an empty drop box or a student engrossed in the latest issue, phenomena to which the …→


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