A farewell to Arts


By Sam Bertschmann

I am so honored to have been part of the Concordiensis staff during my time at Union. It always warms my heart to see an empty drop box or a student engrossed in the latest issue, phenomena to which the skill and dedication of the editorial staff must be attributed. Concordy Warriors are the best kind of warriors.

Seriously, this job was such a gift. As Arts Editor, I developed my writing and editing skills, learned to effectively manage my section and, best of all, tried not to hyperventilate too loudly on the phone while Paul Rudd and Steve Carell whispered sweet nothings in my ear (or, you know, chatted about their illustrious acting careers. Whatever. It was kind of a big deal).

The Concordy has also been a fantastic creative outlet for me. Where else can I wax poetic about Aaron Paul and express my disdain for Taylor Swift week after week for such a wide audience and call it journalism? I hope everyone has enjoyed my musings on TV’s most bromantic couples and the miracle that is J.Law, because I certainly had fun writing them.

I will miss editing articles on Sunday afternoons instead of doing my actual homework, talking with Union’s many talented artists and, of course, the staff camaraderie. The Concordy has given me a new circle of friends and an endless supply of juicy gossip, which are my two favorite things in the world.

I leave the Arts section in the very capable hands of my successor, Benjamin Lucas, whose first submission — a review of Gravity — made me cry, because I didn’t have to make any edits at all. Ben: in the immortal words of Lizzie McGuire, “U rock, don’t ever change.”

It’s going to be weird picking up the paper on Thursday morning and, for the first time since the end of my freshman year, not knowing what I’ll find inside. I am excited to see where the new staff will take the Concordy and hope that even more students will get involved, because this has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.



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