Worried about the state of politics? Take action!


By Brittany Kenny

Worried about the rising cost of college and the burden of huge student loans? Bothered by cuts in education and other social services, poor environmental laws and possible fracking in New York? Concerned about your prospects in a poor job market and an economy that continues to struggle?

Well, I am too and so are lots of my friends! But I have exciting news about what is happening today in New York State.

Governor Cuomo has proposed reform in Albany that could make drastic changes. He is challenging the state legislature to pass “Fair Elections” — elections where politicians would actually be accountable to the citizens of New York, including its students — and responsive to their needs. Check out www.fairelectionsny.org for more information.

New Yorkers are angry at the overwhelming political power of big campaign donors.

Cuomo and the many legislators who support Fair Elections are responding to that outrage and to the legacy of corruption and money scandals in Albany. By giving ordinary citizens the resources to run for office, independent from special interest money, Fair Elections can break the stranglehold that corporations and wealthy contributors now have in our democracy. But to change business as usual in Albany and to get big money out of politics and people back in, we need YOU! Because the fact is that, even with the support of a statewide coalition of groups including civil rights, environmental issues, unions, women’s groups, etc., college students need to speak out.

Democracy Matters at Union can make your voice and other students heard in the fight for Fair Elections. Act now — join us in working for a real and inclusive democracy.

We deserve a state government that is of, by and for the people of New York — not one bought and paid for with big campaign checks. Together we can do it!

Contact Brittany Kenny at kennyb@union.edu to learn how you can get involved.


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