U-Program hosts All Night Party


By Katelyn Billings

This past Friday night, U-Program hosted the All Night Party in Reamer Campus Center. Students enjoyed the event’s activities from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. President of U-Program Caroline Hartnack ’16 was very excited about the students and community having fun at the event.

Hartnack stated, “We had a ton of things, like a chocolate fountain, mechanical bull, build-a-bear, spin art, t-shirt making and so many other things! It was awesome!”

U-Program was founded on the basis of providing students with fun, non-alcoholic events, and their attendance rates have been steadily increasing in recent years. Their events include Bingo night, Wednesday comedy speakers, and the All Night Party.

“I would say the All Night Party is definitely one of our most successful events … People look forward to these events and are always asking when they are so they don’t miss them, which shows us how much people enjoy them,” said Hartnack.

Hartnack explained that the aspect of U-Program that appealed to her most was the many different types of events and activities that the program put on, so she wanted to contribute herself.

“As a first year, I really liked going to the events and I was looking to get involved on campus since I was new and realized that this would be a perfect opportunity. Getting involved would mean that I  [would] have the chance to voice my opinions and have a say in the kinds of events we have, which I thought would be awesome,” said Hartnack.

Although U-Program provides alternative events to Greek Life events, it does allow students to be involved in both, as it ends at times that the other events usually start.

“We encourage all members of the Union community to come, including members of Greek organizations,” said Hartnack.  “The events we hold help to distract students from the stressors of school, provide students the opportunity to win tons of prizes and have lots of fun,” she continued.

The Bingo Night attracts a large crowd; the entire dining hall of Upper is filled with students who are playing to win an iPad, a Keurig and gift cards to various stores and restaurants.

Many students attended the All Night Party Friday night and took advantage of the event’s special activities such as the caricaturist and the mechanical bull.

The crowds for the U-Program events are typically pretty large, so the committee has fine-tuned their ability to bring in the right amount of food and supplies for the amount of guests they anticipate.

“Every event is different. It’s hard to know for sure how many people will come to each event, but we do have some people that consistently come to every event,” Hartnack explained. “And, it really depends on the event itself. The big events such as the All Night Party and Bingo Night are traditions that people look forward to, so we expect a larger crowd.”

U-Program will be hosting many more events in the future, and Hartnack urges her classmates to come out to a few and take advantage of the variety of fun activities.

All students are encouraged to attend U-Program events as an alternative or addition to the party scene at Union. Hartnack concluded, “Everyone should come to at least one event and see what they’re all about!”



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