The Food Network right inside your dorm room


By Katelyn Billings

These last few weeks at Union have been pretty snowy and icy, and I, for one, have had  trouble forcing myself to leave my cozy bed to go outside for class and especially for food.

However, I’ve been able to procure a few food items from the grocery store and from the dining hall that make eating in my room easy and tasty.

Here are a few of my own favorite recipes and some from the Internet for those days when you choose to stay in sweats rather than venture out into the cold.

A staple in any college student’s diet should be protein, because sometimes (all the time), dining hall food can be unappealing.

Quick oats are a perfect way to get in some protein, and you can eat them in many ways. Traditionally, quick oats are used to make oatmeal, which takes a grand total of two minutes to prepare.

You could spice up some oatmeal with peanut butter, cinnamon or a banana.  All you need for this quick breakfast is water, a bowl and oats. You can buy oats in bulk, or in single serve packets at any grocery or convenience store.

Another easy way to get protein is to eat eggs. You can smuggle some hard-boiled eggs out of any dining hall on campus, or you can make a cheap purchase of Egg Beaters from Walmart or a grocery store.

You can pour some of the Egg Beaters into a mug, put it in the microwave for a few minutes and stir it around, then voila! Scrambled eggs. You can add in some cheese and salsa to spice it up a little, too.

And, if you happen to find some flour lying around in a Minerva, you can mix some egg beaters, oats and flour in a mug to make a mug cake. There are a plethora of mug cake recipes on Pinterst, Foodie and that you can try, and each is tastier than the last.  A little cocoa powder (or hot cocoa mix) can be added to make a fudgy mug brownie in practically no time at all.

If you’re a peanut butter addict like me, you already know that peanut butter tastes great on just about anything.

I recently discovered that spreading some peanut butter on a plain rice cake is a surprisingly good snack!

I would recommend smooth peanut butter, one rice cake and a sliced apple or banana on top.

To make it more like a sandwhich, add another rice cake on top. Especially for my fellow celiac sufferers, this is a perfect snack.

Some other easy meals are quesadillas, the classic mac ’n‘ cheese and, my personal favorite, some quinoa.

Quinoa is a grain that is abundant in nutrients and protein and is delicious in many forms.

It can be easily bought at a grocery store and, with a little feta, tomatoes and spinach, is an appetizing dinner.

You can reuse your versatile mug for this recipe, which is simply quinoa and water mixed every so often between five-minute intervals in the microwave.

Rice and couscous can easily be substituted for quinoa, but when you tell your friends you made yourself quinoa for dinner, you can sound a little more like the cultured epicurean you wish you were.

Bon appétit, Union!



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