Super Bowl XLVIII: Halftime naptime


By Sam Bertschmann

Bruno Mars and Anthony Kiedis at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Courtesy of Bruno Mars and Anthony Kiedis at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.Courtesy of

The only part of Super Bowl XLVIII more boring than the game itself was the halftime show. This year’s concert featured Bruno Mars doing his best James Brown impression with a brief Red Hot Chili Peppers interlude.

A children’s choir kicked off Mars’ performance with a sampling of his 2010 hit with Travie McCoy, “Billionaire.” Mars and his band followed with “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Treasure.” I will give Mars credit for his dance moves, but nothing else about his performance on Sunday was memorable.

Mars then transitioned into the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Give it Away,” which I figured would be the first of several Chili Peppers tunes. Wrong. I guess we now live in a world where Bruno Mars gets more screen time than rock and roll veterans. I suspect that the Super Bowl thinks it’s the Grammys.

Mars took to the stage once again for “Just the Way You Are,” which was interspersed with touching messages from soldiers to their families at home. I would have preferred to watch that without Mars’ tired single in the background.

I understand that the NFL tried to mix it up with this relative newbie (recent years have seen the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and Destiny’s Child), but this attempt totally fell flat. At least it was short.


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