Student directs ‘Urinetown’ the musical


By Sarang Sharma

This spring, Mountebanks will be producing Urinetown the musical, a satirical comedy that pokes fun at societal issues like the legal system, capitalism and populism while also making fun of the over-dramatic essence of Broadway shows such as Les Misérables and The Cradle Will Rock.

Urinetown originally debuted at the New York International Fringe Festival and was then produced off-Broadway from May 6, 2001 to June 25, 2001 before opening on Broadway in September of the same year.

It won three Tony Awards for Best Book of a Musical, Best Score and Best Direction.

The show ran until January of 2004 completing a 965-show run. Since then Urinetown has been a commonly performed show in college and high school theater.

The story of Urinetown takes place in a post-apocalyptic Gotham-like city where people have to pay for the use of public toilets.

The maintenance of these “public amenities” is controlled by a company, known as Urine Good Company (UGC), that has monopolized the water distribution in the city.

After seeing his friends and family unfairly prosecuted for “relieving themselves illegally,” the protagonist, Bobby Strong (played by Adam Weisse), decides to take a stand against the unjust owners of UGC to fight for the right to pee for free.

In this process, Bobby also has to be careful to not upset Hope Cladwell (played by Katelyn Billings), the daughter of the owner of UGC and his love interest.

This summer, I had the great pleasure of meeting Daniel Marcus, a member of the original cast of Urinetown, and he told me that this show was his favorite to perform in.

He claims, “It was a hoot and a half.”

After the success of Mountebanks’ last production, The Drowsy Chaperone, the club is thrilled to be working on another performance.

“Drowsy was one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career, and I think that the cast and campus will really enjoy participating [in] and seeing Urinetown” says Elizabeth Magas, costume designer/Little Becky Two-Shoes.

Personally, I am really excited to have Urinetown as my first directing gig.

The script is hilarious and I have a great cast of eager actors to work with.

Additionally, it will be a very cool and interesting experience to perform in Old Chapel.

Never having done a show there, I am excited to take advantage of its big space that will make way for some awesome dance numbers and allow them to be flashy and filled with action.

Plus, the balcony adds a whole new dynamic to the show that will be used in the set design.

While the process of getting the show together will be long and arduous, I think the end product will be a fantastic performance that everyone will enjoy.

I urge everyone to come see one of the three shows that will be featured between April 10 and 12 next term.


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