New student display in Wikoff Gallery


By Katelyn Billings

Janey Fine’s ’16 artwork is now on display on the third floor of the Nott Memorial in the Wikoff Student Art Gallery.  She combines prints and digital art and has created an inspiring selection of pieces.

“I made them all here, and they’re all from different projects, but most of them were from when the class assignment was on propaganda, so it’s all about society, and little snarky sarcastic remarks about random things,” said Fine.

Fine had not taken a digital art course until her first term at Union last year. Her gallery of art is a collection of pieces from her assignments from that art class. As an American Studies major, Fine now hopes to use her interest in digital art to study American history through its visual culture.

“I had never taken a digital art class until last fall, but now I want to do graphic design as a living. I think overall in advertising, like making the physical,” said Fine.

One assignment that predominantly affected Fine’s artwork was a project in which students were instructed to use a list of words as inspiration for their digital art. Fine’s artwork features ironically flipped text with short phrases over prints of patterned backgrounds, faces and nature. Fine explained that she used Photoshop to create the pieces and that, though some may look like they were not difficult to make, a few of them took significantly longer than others.

“Some took days, and others took hours. Since it’s in Photoshop it’s a lot of messing around and guess-and-check, almost,” she said.

Describing her creative process, Fine said that she used digital prints under emphasized words and phrases.  She flipped and modified certain words to give the work an element of irony and sarcasm. Fine revealed that her personal favorite pieces were “Everything is Wonderful” and “Do You Realize,” both of which feature the ironic flipped text.

“The text is upside-down because it is a sarcastic comment; flipping the word upside-down makes you think twice about it,” said Fine.

When asked what she hoped her viewers would take from the exhibit, Fine explained that she didn’t have a specific goal in mind, but that she wanted people to enjoy it as she did and take away from the art what they might.

“Most of my friends are economics majors or pre-med, so they don’t necessarily ‘get’ art.  I just want them to like it and appreciate it, since it doesn’t really mean anything specific; it’s all up to interpretation the way they want. It doesn’t have to have a meaning,” said Fine.

Fine explained that she hopes to add more pieces to her repertoire once she finishes some pieces that she is currently working on in her new art class.

“I’m taking a class on processing, and you make art from code,” said Fine. “It’s really hard, but I want to add some from that.  I think it will be really nice.”

Fine’s exhibit will be on display until March 20th.


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