Guy love: Celebrating TV’s best bromances


By Sam Bertschmann


While Valentine’s Day calls for a celebration of romantic love, some of television’s greatest relationships pay tribute to the unbreakable bond between dudes: the bromance. In honor of tomorrow’s holiday, here is a look at some of TV’s most bromantic couples.


Sure, Jesse has pointed a gun at Walt once or twice, and Walt has a tendency to seriously injure all of Jesse’s loved ones (or worse). Despite this animosity, these partners-in-crime develop an unlikely bond and remain fiercely loyal to one another through the series’ conclusion. Their onscreen partnership has even blossomed into a real-life bromance between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (see: Cranston pinching Paul’s cheek while he demonstrates his best “scary resting face” on Conan; Paul making out with a Walter White mask at Comic Con).

Most bromantic moment:A badly beaten, hospitalized Jesse refuses to continue cooking with Walt, asking why he doesn’t just get a monkey to do his dirty work. “I don’t want a monkey,” says Walt. “I want you.” Awwwww.


Co-hosts of “Troy and Abed in the Morning,” these guys are the closest of anyone in Greendale’s dysfunctional study group. Their handshake is legendary, their reenactments of Inspector Spacetime are on point and not even a war between Troy’s Blanketsburg and Abed’s Pillowtown can tear them apart. Cool. Cool cool cool.

Most bromantic moment:Before Troy sets off to sail around the world, Abed organizes a campus-wide game of “Lava” as a farewell to his closest pal. This is, of course, the only way Abed knows how to deal with the pain of his best friend leaving, and Troy sweetly indulges his buddy’s neuroticisms one last time before his departure. My emotions!


Forget Ross and Rachel; the love between Joey and Chandler was always the real heart of the show. They nailed the jumping hug (and the hug from behind), raised a chick and duck together and regarded Chandler’s decision to move in with Monica as “the end of an era.” No more J-Man and Channie (“Who calls us that?” asks Chandler).

Most bromantic moment:After Chandler insults and loses the gold friendship bracelet Joey has given him, he buys an identical bangle and gives the extra to his best bud. “We’re gonna be bracelet buddies!” squeals an ecstatic Joey. “Is this friendship? I think so!”


The original bromance. These two have been best buds ever since Shawn saved Cory from the llama pen at age four, and their love is even stronger than that of Cory and long-time sweetheart Topanga (even if their children would look like horses). How fitting that Boy Meets World is set in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.

Most bromantic moment:Kept apart by Shawn’s possessive girlfriend in “An Affair to Forget,” Cory and Shawn must carry on behind her back, sneaking each other Cinnabon in the library stacks and calling each other from payphones. On one of these calls, Cory asks a silent Shawn if he is still on the line. “Yeah,” says Shawn. “I was just listening to the sound of your voice.” Obviously, Shawn chooses Cory in the end.


Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear easily have the most endearing and iconic bromance of all time. Whether playing “Find the Saltine” or joining forces to become “Giant Doctor,” these former college roomies, who Turk himself describes as “a little married,” always keep things light at Sacred Heart. They even brought us the greatest (and, perhaps, only) bromance anthem ever written: “Guy Love.” The guy love between these two guys simply cannot be matched.

Most bromantic moment:When Turk comes back from his honeymoon, he and J.D. sprint through the hospital until they are finally reunited in a perfect “EAGLE!” Carla hopes that Turk will learn to love her that much someday.


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