Fun dates and activities to make your V-Day special


By Katelyn Billings

For most of us, Valentine’s Day is the holiday we could do without. With its emphasis on lovey-dovey, heart-shaped everything and happy endings, most people are sick of it before it even comes.

For those of you on campus who are happily taken, there are many romantic things you can do with your main squeeze this Friday, and they won’t break the bank.

1. Get outside

Now that we have some serious snow, you could make a cute snowman, go sledding or go ice skating together. Nothing is cuter than some mittens and a close sled ride down a steep hill. It’s cold, fun and also a perfect opportunity to huddle close for warmth. There are some great hills on the other side of campus on the baseball field.

2. Dinner together

Your special night does not have to be an expensive endeavor; sometimes a casual dinner in together is really what you wan, and what you need.

Your tag line can be, “Let’s stay in and order sushi. No fuss, just us.”

Plus, plenty of good restaurants in Schenectady deliver, including Marrota’s, so you should certainly take advantage of some delicious and inexpensive food right down the street from campus.

However, if you and your special someone wish to dine off campus, some great places closeby include Zen, Perreca’s and Canali’s.

3. Movie Night

A perfect night definitely includes some snuggling on the couch while watching a movie together. But be sure not to pick anything too cheesy — you don’t want your date to get sick! Aim for some comedies, like That Awkward Moment, The Monuments Men, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and even Frozen for the Disney lover in all of us.

For all the single ladies out there, the Feb. 14 is a day that can’t be over with soon enough. Instead of wallowing in your depressed state of being single, try a few of these to remind yourself that being single is not bad — it’s liberating and awesome! As a single girl myself, I will most definitely be partaking in a few of these activities with my friends.

1. Pizza

Order in and eat the whole thing.  Make it a challenge. Niko’s Pizza is my personal favorite, but Dominos and I Love NY Pizza are some other tasty, yet inexpensive, options.

Also, chocolate is a viable option. A visit from Lady Godiva manages to cheer my friends up really quickly and in the words of Donna from Parks and Recreation, “Treat yo’self.”

2. Romantic comedies

A whole new selection of rom-coms are on Netflix, and you better believe that nothing goes better with Pretty Woman and Love Actually than a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries that you bought for yourself.

3. Go out

You are single and ready to mingle! Go get dressed up and go out dancing with some other single friends. It will remind you how much fun it is to be free and that you only need to be happy with yourself this Single’s Awareness Day.


Don’t let the pressure of Valentine’s Day stress you out! Relax, indulge and just spend time with the people who really matter to you — that’s the key to a happy Valentine’s Day.


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