February events at Becker


By Kate Collins

As many know, one of the most exciting resources that Union offers for students is the Becker Career Center. The month of February is one of constant activity for those who work at Becker, with upcoming events such as the Career Fair, LinkedIn orientations, interview workshops and various information sessions.

Keri Willis, who many may know as “The Internship Lady” from her various emails throughout the week, was able to give a little more insight about what goes on at the Career Center.

February is such an important month for the Career Center for various reasons. It is a time when employers are heavily recruiting seniors for employment opportunities and undergraduate students for summer internship opportunities.

This busy period tends to continue through March. Career advisors’ schedules fill up  quickly with students interested in having their application materials reviewed, or even learning how to get started with searching if they haven’t done so already.

When first getting started in the process of obtaining an internship, Willis suggested attending an Internship Search Orientation. “The best thing to do is to attend an Internship Search Orientation at the Career Center,” she said. “Orientations are held at the Becker Career Center throughout the term on various days and times, and often include events.”

Students can also consider organizing a group of five or more students and a career advisor will host an orientation specifically for them.

Willis stated that the most important upcoming event for students is the Career Fair, which is happening on Feb. 18 from 4-7 p.m.

Employers from all over come to Union to meet and recruit students. From engineering firms to health professions, every student can have an opportunity to speak to someone in a profession relevant to their major or interests.

Willis also emphasized that in general, her and the rest of the staff at the Career Center strongly encourage networking when it comes to searching for jobs and internships.

An event such as the Career Fair is the right place to put such networking into action, getting your name, face and résumé out to employers. There are various Career Fair Prep Sessions scheduled in the next week to help students prepare for the event.

While some underclassmen may be worried that it is too early to attend any of these events, Willis encourages them not to be. She stated, “All students should take advantage of these opportunities. There are various recruiting events at the fair such as graduate programs, research jobs, post-graduate employment opportunities and internships. There’s something that can appeal to everyone on campus.”

This specific event is a way to network with employers and to learn about opportunities in their particular field. Willis went on to say that all programming that goes on at Becker Career Center is intended to encompass the needs of all students.

Each individual student will utilize the Career Center’s services at different times throughout their education at Union, depending on his or her own needs.

Becker aims to help guide students to programs, trainings and events that will best serve them in their own career exploration and internship or job prep.

Finally, for students interested in obtaining an internship over the summer, there are three things that Willis suggests:

1. Write a resumé and have it reviewed by the Career Center.

2. Begin networking with Union alumni through the Union Career Advisory Network (UCAN).

3. Effectively search and apply for positions, being sure to dedicate the time and effort.

With the resources provided, any Union student can get a head start on their post-graduate plans, and the Career Center advises students to do so now.


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