Greek Life GPA Change


By Matt Olson

The minimum GPA requirement for rushing and pledging a fraternity or sorority will rise from 2.25 to 2.50, effective Fall 2014.

Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Liz Artz said that the change was implemented to show first-years and sophomores that academics are an important part of being Greek at Union.

President of the Interfraternity Council Jai Kahlon ’15 said, “[Artz] was the playmaker, but I wouldn’t call it ‘Liz’s Law.’ Liz is a strong proponent of having the Greek body be the best and the brightest at Union,” he said. “She advocated for this policy change but was respectful of the opinions and ultimate vote of the IFC board and presidents of the fraternities. “The vote ended up being unanimous to raise it.”

The motion was passed at the IFC meeting on Jan. 21.

The change will only apply to incoming fraternity and sorority members.

“The Greek community wants to hold itself to a higher standard, and raising the minimum GPA requirement is a step in the right direction,” President of National Panhellenic Council Allison Ebersol ’15 said.

“We want the first-year students to be aware of this GPA change and we want the Union College community to know that academics are Greek students’ first priority.”

Kahlon shared similar sentiments. “We want to make clear to freshmen and sophomores interested in pledging that there is a value and an expectation held by Greeks to have good academic standing,” he expressed. “We recognize that freshmen sometimes have a bad term while adjusting to college, but only taking those that are willing to work to correct those mistakes will ultimately lead to a stronger Greek student body.”

The minutes from the Jan. 21 IFC meeting stated that, along with an increased GPA requirement, a new Education Chair would need to be implemented for each new member process. This Education Chair would be responsible for monitoring study hours for each new member of the fraternity or sorority.

Artz said, “With almost half of the sophomore class joining a Greek organization, faculty will hopefully start to see a greater emphasis on their students’ studies. The best is yet to come for Union College’s Greek Life community.”


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