Golden Globes predictions: J. Law, Leonardo DiCaprio, ’12 Years a Slave’, ‘American Hustle’, ‘Breaking Bad’!


By Arts Staff

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, which air this Sunday, Jan.12th, at 8 p.m. on NBC. Sam Bertschmann ’14, Elana Katz ’14, Gabriella Levine ’14 and Matt Olson ’15 share their picks for this year’s winners. Get ready for some endless adoration of J.Law, Leo, ‘American Hustle,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ Kerry Washington and Lena Dunham.


’12 Years a Slave’

‘Captain Phillips’




Elana’s pick: ’12 Years a Slave’

Almost everyone loved this film and I would be surprised to see anyone else win this category over the Steve McQueen/John Ridley team.


“American Hustle”


“Inside Llewyn Davis”


“The Wolf of Wall Street”

The film The film’s all star ensemble, from left: Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence.Courtesy of

Elana’s pick: ‘American Hustle’

I really believe the game changed when David O. Russell started making films with this all-star crew of actors. Russell’s vision, paired with Eric John Singer’s writing, is unparalleled. Also, let us not forget J. Law in a neck brace.

Gabriella’s pick: ‘American Hustle’

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ seems to be generating a lot of appeal amongst critics, but the winner here should be David O. Russell’s ‘American Hustle.’ The all-star ensemble of Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner propel the reinvention of the 1970s Abscam. Make no mistake, this film’s storyline, featuring con artists galore, is a con in itself. It is a loosely developed, topsy-turvy, swiftly changing plot development that is at once linear and all over the place, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. The performances pick the film up and walk away with it before you can even consider that you’re not a fan.


Alfonso Cuarón, “Gravity”

Paul Greengrass, “Captain Phillips”

Steve McQueen, “12 Years a Slave”

Alexander Payne, “Nebraska”

David O. Russell, “American Hustle”

Elana’s pick: David O. Russell, ‘American Hustle’

If you couldn’t already tell, I am a bit enamored with his work. I think he really hit the nail on the head with American Hustle. The period, character choice and soundtrack render the film a true success.

Gabriella’s pick: Steve McQueen, ’12 Years a Slave’

David O. Russell could win for creating the shimmering, all-around fabulousness of ‘American Hustle,’ but Steve McQueen will most likely walk away with the win for ’12 Years a Slave.’ It might have been more fun to watch ‘American Hustle,’ but McQueen developed a masterpiece in ’12 Years a Slave.’ He deserves the award for not shying away from the rather gruesome depictions of slavery in his film. Instead, McQueen’s direction of the film revealed a blistering truth that, whilst sometimes hard to watch, is still laudable and worthy of the Globe.


Cate Blanchett, “Blue Jasmine”

Sandra Bullock, “Gravity”

Judi Dench, “Philomena”

Emma Thompson, “Saving Mr. Banks”

Kate Winslet, “Labor Day”

Elana’s pick: Emma Thompson, ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

Thompson’s performance in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ was really strong and I think she delivered. Her portrayal of P.L. Travers was beautiful and haunting all at the same time.

Gabriella’s pick: Cate Blanchett, ‘Blue Jasmine’

Critics are calling ‘Blue Jasmine’ Woody Allen’s cruelest film to date, but Blanchett ensures that her character is marked by distinct humanness despite her outrageous and pretentious background. Blanchett makes Jasmine’s fall from grace particularly fragile and magnificent. The only threat here is Sandra Bullock in Gravity due to the film’s immense global appeal and her ability to deliver a poignant performance while suspended in space for an hour and thirty minutes.


Chiwetel Ejiofor, “12 Years a Slave”

Idris Elba, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”

Tom Hanks, “Captain Phillips”

Matthew McConaughey, “Dallas Buyers Club”

Robert Redford, “All Is Lost”

Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave.  Courtesy of

Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave.Courtesy of

Elana’s pick: Chiwetel Ejiofor, ’12 Years a Slave’

While I would love to see Matthew McConaughey take this one for ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club,’ I think Ejiofor has it in the bag. Again, critics loved his performance and I don’t think they’ll pass up the opportunity to award him the Globe.

Gabriella’s pick: Agreed with Elana.


Amy Adams, “American Hustle”

Julie Delpy, “Before Midnight”

Greta Gerwig, “Frances Ha”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Enough Said”

Meryl Streep, “August: Osage County”

Elana’s pick: Meryl Streep, ‘August: Osage County’

I would love to see this award would go to Greta Gerwig for her role as the title character in Frances Ha, but I think it will most likely go to Meryl Streep. As always, she gave an outstanding performance.

Gabriella’s pick: Amy Adams, ‘American Hustle’

I just want to see her get up there and say, “What does it say? I beat Meryl!” like J. Law did last year. Plus, she deserves to win for shocking us yet again and showing us she can play just about any role out there.

Jennifer Lawrence accepting her Golden Globe for Best Actress, jokingly commenting that she beat Meryl.  Courtesy of


Christian Bale, “American Hustle”

Bruce Dern, “Nebraska”

Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Oscar Isaac, “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Joaquin Phoenix, “Her”

Elana’s pick: Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

The time has come. DiCaprio has been nominated a few times for various awards but has never won. I think his performance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was impeccable – a true tour de force. I will be very disappointed if he isn’t recognized for his work in this film.

Gabriella’s pick: Christian Bale, ‘American Hustle’

I think the only reason Bale might win is because of the Leonardo DiCaprio curse. Plus, Christian Bale’s greasy combover in ‘American Hustle’ is epic.


Sally Hawkins, “Blue Jasmine”

Jennifer Lawrence, “American Hustle”

Lupita Nyong’o, “12 Years a Slave”

Julia Roberts, “August: Osage County”

June Squibb, “Nebraska”

Courtesy of Sam’s pick: Jennifer Lawrence, ‘American Hustle’

I will admit that I haven’t seen ‘American Hustle’ yet, but J. Law has yet to disappoint on screen (or stage). I can’t wait for her to deliver another of her hilarious acceptance speeches.

Gabriella’s pick: Jennifer Lawrence, ‘American Hustle’

The winner will be the current darling of the entertainment industry: Jennifer Lawrence, for her role in ‘American Hustle’ as the dangerously irresistible Long Island housewife Rosalyn Rosenfeld. Now, let’s be clear up front that our little Katniss Everdeen won’t just be winning because she defies the Hollywood code by saying whatever she wants, whenever she wants to, likes to eat a lot of food and encourages all girls to do the same, advocates for a ban of the word “fat” on TV and gains an enemy in Joan Rivers for doing so, shoots bows and arrows at corruption as the industry’s highest grossing action film heroine (isn’t it great to have that –ine at the end of that statement?), wins critical acclaim (hello, Golden Globe, People’s Choice, SAG, Critic’s Choice and OSCAR just from last year alone) for her incredible talent, and, amidst that long run on sentence, manages to be a seemingly ordinary person that we all adore for her ridiculous personality. Once again, to be clear, she won’t win for that and that alone, although it will provide a boost over her serious competition in the category, ’12 Years’ a Slave’s’ Lupita N’yongo (sorry, Julia Roberts, you don’t stand a chance). That, and everyone secretly wants to witness her endearingly trip and fall her way through another awards show acceptance speech. But we mustn’t discredit the real reason Lawrence will win. In ‘American Hustle,’ Lawrence blazes onto the screen with a puffy up do and a thick Long Island accent. She doesn’t just act—she oozes sarcasm, wit, humor, anger, craziness, hysteria, sadness and loneliness all at once, and sometimes all in one brief scene, in the character of Rosalyn.


Elana’s pick: ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’

This movie is so beautiful and well done. It is well worth the three-hour commitment.


Sam’s pick: ‘Breaking Bad’

If the Golden Globes were a high school yearbook, ‘Breaking Bad’ would be named “Best All Around.” Vince Gilligan and his talented writing team drove this compelling narrative home with unparalleled grace and the cast delivered moving performances all the way to the series’ end. Four months after the final episode, I still can’t get enough of Walt and Jesse.

Elana’s pick: ‘Breaking Bad

I am a newbie to this show but cannot imagine life without it. Vince Gilligan is an evil genius and this show was revolutionary. R.I.P., ‘Breaking Bad/’

Matt’s pick: ‘House of Cards’

If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you should for the sole purpose of watching this drama, the second season of which premieres on Valentine’s Day. It is the story of lust, blackmail and Washington politics that seems as if it could have feasibly happened at one point in history. I highly recommend it.


Sam’s pick: ‘Girls’

Lena Dunham’s HBO comedy took home the award last year and, after a strong second season, will likely do so again.

Elana’s pick: ‘Parks and Recreation’

It’s the final season and this hilarious all-star team deserves it all. I mean, Amy Poheler. What else do I need to say?


Elana’s pick: Kerry Washington, ‘Scandal’

I don’t watch this show but I really think Olivia Pope has it in the bag.

Gabriella’s pick: Kerry Washington, ‘Scandal’

Olivia Pope is one tough cookie, thanks to Washington’s skillful depiction of D.C.’s top political “fixer.” As Olivia Pope, Washington is fierce and intimidating, never backing down from a problem and never failing to come up with a solution. Plus, Washington’s version of the fierce Ms. Pope manages an emotionally charged affair with the president. Is this category even a contest?

Matt’s pick: Robin Wright, House of Cards

Robin Wright deserves the title of Best Actress for her portrayal of Claire Underwood in ‘House of Cards.’ Wright brings an elegance and wit to her character that is enough to send chills up your spine. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and everyone knows it.


Sam’s pick: Bryan Cranston, ‘Breaking Bad’

In a promo for the series’ final episodes, Cranston read from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ozymandias”: “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair.” The other nominees should do just that, because as Walter White, Cranston is king of kings.

Elana’s pick: Bryan Cranston, ‘Breaking Bad

Cranston always and forever. His portrayal of Walter White is legendary. This man wins everything in my heart. Why not give him the Globe?

Matt’s pick: Kevin Spacey, ‘House of Cards’

Kevin Spacey should win for his role as Frank Underwood, the scheming politician that we all love to hate and hate to love. Overlooked for a Secretary of State appointment, Underwood will stop at nothing to seek revenge on those responsible. Spacey’s interpretation of the character is reason enough to subscribe to Netflix.


Sam’s pick: Lena Dunham, ‘Girls

While the Emmys have favored Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Veep’s Selina Meyer for the past two years, the Globes may prove to be Dunham’s territory. She cleaned up at last year’s ceremony and, given her consistently funny, poignant performance as the neurotic Hannah Horvath, has an excellent shot at keeping her title.

Elana’s pick: Amy Poehler, ‘Parks and Recreation’

She is queen and her portrayal of Leslie Knope is unparalleled in comedy.


Elana’s pick: Don Cheadle, ‘House of Lies’

It would be nice to see Cheadle pick this one up. ‘House of Lies’ is crazy funny and it all stems from him.


Sam’s pick: Monica Potter, ‘Parenthood

Kristina puts the brave in Braverman and ranks as one of the best TV moms of our time. Critics adore Potter in this role, and after her particularly touching performance in Parenthood’s fourth and fifth seasons, she deserves the prize.

Elana’s pick: Monica Potter, ‘Parenthood

Kristina Braverman is such a special character and Potter’s work deserves recognition.


Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad. Courtesy of

Sam’s pick: Aaron Paul, ‘Breaking Bad’

I have an overwhelming amount of nice things to say about Aaron Paul. He brings an incredible depth to Jesse, able to reduce me to both fits of giggles and puddles of tears, often within the same scene. YEAH, BITCH!

Elana’s pick: Aaron Paul, ‘Breaking Bad’

Do I need to explain again how epic ‘Breaking Bad’ is? Paul is a big part of that. He was supposed to be killed off during season one but Gilligan changed his plans after seeing him in action. What does that tell you?


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