Culinary house students launch Union Bread Co., deliciousness abounds


By Nora Swidler

Union Bread Co. is the new food venture from the men of the Culinary Theme House: Phil Kretschmer ’15, Caelen LaPointe ’15, Nate Onnen ’15 and headed by Emanuel Storch ’16.

Storch is no stranger to the kitchen. This young chef has his own food blog, where he posts original recipes, and has interned at the start-up peanut butter company PB Americano. His next goal: to bring his talents to the students of Union.

Baked fresh from the kitchen of Culinary, this bread is among the most intoxicatingly delightful treats I have ever had the pleasure of consuming.

Storch and his partners prepare their breads with the commitment and care that a young mother would put into taking care of her newborn child.  After one bite into the rich warmth of the bread, that much is evident.

When I first walked into the kitchen at Culinary House to learn more about the company, I was taken aback when Storch took the bread out. His banana bread looked professionally baked; similar to the kind I have purchased in the past at an artisan bakeshop.

The very first bite set something off in my taste buds. It took much restraint to only have a single slice, and not devour the loaf in its entirety. I even made sure to eat the crumbs that had fallen onto the napkin it was served on.

I had my first sample of Union Bread Co.’s banana bread less than a week ago and have since purchased two loaves.   The doughy consistency paired with the right amount of chocolate chips littered throughout makes for the best banana bread I have ever tasted. (Does my grandmother read my Concordy articles?  I hope not.)

The delight does not end there, though. Union Bread Co. makes bagels and ciabatta bread too. Culinary House resident, Melissa Ulin ’16, describes the ciabatta as having a “delightfully doughy interior with a perfectly baked crust. Biting into it is the perfect stress reliever, a great comfort food to get through winter term.”

At the Theme House fair on Jan. 22, Union Bread Co. handed out samples at the Culinary House table. Not a single sample was left at the end of the common lunch period. Folks flocked to the table knowing that there was a delicacy in store for them.

I am hopeful that this venture hits the ground running, since it would be a travesty not to engage in the perfection that Storch and his cohorts are creating.

The company is currently selling bagels for $1 each, ciabatta bread for $5 a loaf, and banana bread for $8 a loaf. You can order by request on the company’s Facebook page, or by direct email to any of the partners.




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