Winter Wears for 2014: How to stay warm and in style


By Katelyn Billings

The dreaded winter term is upon us: painfully cold weather, a lack of motivation, and the overwhelming feeling of “blah.”

For my fellow early-morning risers, getting dressed often takes an extreme amount of effort, and trying to look nice is unthinkable.

Fashion in this season is typically dominated by leggings and loose sweaters, but I’ve put together a list of some easy and affordable trends to keep you warm, stylish and comfy all term long.

For starters, a basic quilted vest is a must-have for every girl during the winter. They are comfortable, cute and can be worn with just about anything from your existing closet. Slip it on over a plain long sleeve tee shirt for those days when you can barely convince yourself to go to class, or over a nice oxford for a preppier look that is warm and versatile. You can find cute vests at Gap, Old Navy, LL Bean and J Crew.

Sweater dresses are coming back this season, and they are literally a godsend. It’s just like wearing a stylish blanket to class, only you look great.  Paired with some riding boots and warm stockings, you have an easy, yet awesome outfit.  They come in many different styles, such as cowl neck, turtleneck or plain scoop neck, and they all flatter every body type.  Such cute ensemble gives the illusion of effort, when in fact you could roll out of bed and slip into the dress and some tights and walk out the door in less than 10 minutes. It is definitely a great go-to outfit when you want to sleep in as much as possible,but still look good.

Denim shirts and cozy sweaters are always perfect for winter, and they are definitely a necessity for your winter closet. Denim or chambray button-down shirts are perfect with a chunky scarf, layered under a sweater, or a quilted vest.  The light chambray material is soft and comfortable and doesn’t feel constricting, so when you wake up late, you can quickly put one on and still be as comfortable as you were in your pajamas.

Do not, for the love of all things Vogue, do not wear a denim or chambray shirt with jeans.

Denim on denim? No.

The monochromatic material will not flatter your figure, and the shirt would look much better, (and you would be more comfortable) in a trusted pair of black leggings or pants.

To dress it up, try buttoning the shirt up all the way to the collar and putting on a shiny bauble necklace, and perhaps a skirt and tights if you are feeling ambitious and if the weather isn’t too frigid. This looks really nice, and yet is still casual if you opt for comfy leggings (which I do all the time).   You can find affordable and adorable necklaces at Francesca’s or Aldo.

For your feet, a snowy campus calls for trusty and durable boots, from companies like L.L. Bean or Sperry. These boots are cute, and last an incredibly long time! They are definitely worth the investment, and look perfect with a warm sweater and scarf combination for a lazy, but warm look.

However, on the days when you don’t want to heavily clomp around in your rubber soles, ankle boots are a perfect option. They come in all sorts of styles and trendy colors, and can easily be paired with a sweater dress and stockings or a denim shirt and leggings. You can find affordable ankle boots at Old Navy, Aldo and Gap.

This winter season, jewel tones and neutrals have been spotted all over the runways. This means it is time to ditch the highlighter brights and stock up on creams, browns, maroons and emeralds.

A perfect way to incorporate these trends into your closet is to nab a few chiffon blouses because they look great with a faux fur or quilted vest and some skinny jeans. The billowy fabric also fabulously hides that pesky tummy, and with some jeans and ankle boots, you have an easy and chic outfit for class, or for going out.

Below I have a few outfit sets of the trends I listed above, I hope you enjoy! Happy shopping!



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