Reamer movie preview: ‘2 Guns’


By Lane Roberts

Based on the graphic novel series of the same name, 2 Guns, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, is a crime thriller that follows two officers from rival agencies as they unknowingly lead investigations on each other.

Washington plays Robert Trench, a DEA agent working with Michael “Stig” Stigman (Wahlberg), a naval intelligence officer. Together, they work to bust a powerful drug ring.  When their mission goes horribly awry and the two men are excommunicated from their respective agencies, they must stick together in order to survive.

Contrary to what the title may suggest, there are more than two guns that appear in the film.  In fact, most scenes end with someone drawing a gun.

There are also more than enough of the prerequisite shoot-outs, car chases and explosions to satisfy any die-hard action movie fan.

Some parts are genuinely funny and there are enough twists and turns, of which only some are predictable, to keep audiences captivated and entertained. Both Wahlberg and Washington give exciting performances and prove that they are still relevant in the Hollywood action-thriller scene despite being quite a bit older than the average action star (Wahl-berg is 42 and Washington will be 60 next year).

Also making appearances in the film are James Marsden as Harold Quince, Stig’s commanding officer, and Paula Patton as Deb, Trench’s lover and partner at the DEA.

In all, 2 Guns is a fun way to take a break from finals studying for a couple of hours.


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