Former Union professor makes film debut with ‘Nontraditional’


By Sam Bertschmann

recorded improvised versions of all six movements of Bach’s suite for solo cello no. 6 on electric guitar. These tracks form the majority of our music soundtrack for the movie. We put all of this together with some additional music and sound effects, and then worked through several more iterations of the film before we felt we had picture lock. The finishing touches of color correction and sound mixing are being applied by Different By Design, a Los Angeles post-production house.”

Hauser hopes to continue making films, though he has yet to settle on his next project.

“It’s a little early to know exactly what the next film will be, but I am hoping to do something darker, scarier than Nontraditional,” said Hauser. “Some of my favorite films are the creepy, weird ones like Donnie Darko or most of David Lynch’s films. I’d like to try my hand at that next, but I haven’t found the right story.”

The experience inspired Boesch to consider pursuing future film projects as well.

“Before, I was hesitant,” said Boesch. “It was always something I was interested in but didn’t know if I wanted to pursue as a career, but now I’m much more confident that this is something I want to do.”

Hauser also offered a host of advice for aspiring filmmakers.

“Make movies. Watch EVERYTHING, and watch it to learn from it not just to decide whether or not you like it. Make movies, even if you have to make them with your phone. Read EVERYTHING. Scripts. How-to books. Poetry. Novels. Biography. History. Study art and photography. Help your friends make movies. Learn to edit. Take an acting class. Study music. Go out and live. And then make movies,” said Hauser.

Having taught a variety of film-based English classes at Union, Hauser advised students to check out what the college has to offer.

“Union College has wonderful film faculty and classes!” said Hauser. “Make sure you take at least one before you graduate.”

Nontraditional premieres locally at The Roxy Theater in Potsdam, NY on Veterans Day, Nov. 11th, as part of the Cinema 10 independent film series, which is held there each fall and spring. Hauser and his team hopes to follow this up with a festival premiere early in 2014; they plan to submit to about two dozen festivals between now and then, including Slamdance, the Berlinale, SXSW and more.



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