Another SNAFU for Obamacare with faulty website


By jimmyyu

On Oct. 1, Obamacare went online and in less than a month later it is in shambles.

The website was set up to enable Americans to enroll in President Barack Obama’s signature health care bill, which is also known as the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Users were supposed to be able to have an easier time shopping online for health insurance under Obamacare.

The Obama administration, particularly Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, have been facing a lot of heat from both the public and the Republican Party during this technical debacle.

The website simply had too many glitches and failures.

Users could not log on and faced potential online security risks.

Vice President Joe Biden went on record saying, “The President tried to get online, and my daughter tried to get online. I did not, because it was clear that I was not getting online.”

The big question here is: “What went wrong?”

Many technical experts chimed in and offered various explanations for why the website was such a catastrophe, including a rushed time frame and miscommunication within the government.

Union Computer Science Professor Nick Webb believes, “The failure of the website is largely a failure in basic software development.”

Webb also believes that a website of this caliber “requires time and flexibility, two factors which [he] is not sure the government provided.”

Sebelius is currently being subpoenaed over the website by the House Oversight Chairman Representative Darrell Issa.

The Obama administration has been firm in reassuring the public the website will be up and running efficiently by the end of November, yet this situation gives more ammunition for the Republican Party, spearheaded by the Tea Party branch, which has been adamant about repealing Obamacare since it was passed.

Obamacare has been a hot issue for most of Obama’s presidency, and it will be interesting to see how the White House will continue to defend the bill in this recent SNAFU that will bring more pressure on the Affordable Healthcare Act.


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