U-Program hosts Halloween carnival


By Song My Hoang

On Friday, Oct. 18, U-Program hosted a Halloween Carnival in Old Chapel.  The carnival provided an exciting and upbeat start to the weekend. The event opened at 10 p.m. and was immediately p­acked with students.

Old Chapel was decorated in order to fit the Halloween theme. Spooky canvases were hung on the walls and skeleton figures were placed around the general area. Old Chapel was dimly lit and there was constant music playing in the background.  Students were given the opportunity to request songs and the dance floor was crowded with those enjoying the festive atmosphere.

As students entered Old Chapel, the U-Program coordinators handed them free cotton candy and popcorn. Iesha Caisey ‘14 commented, “I like that they had snacks for us because we were able to eat while waiting for all the events.”

Students were able to participate in a plethora of activities. The line was long for each activity, but students were willing to devote their time waiting.

A psychic was invited to the Halloween carnival, drawing a lot of intrigue from the crowd. She read each student’s palm and was able to deduce his or her future.

The Halloween photo booth was a popular activity as well.  Students were provided with wide options of costumes to wear for the photo-shoot; there was a box filled with comical and flamboyant costumes. Students were asked to select a photo background from an array of Halloween scenes. Groups of students stood in front of a green screen and a picture was taken of them. The photo booth was the highlight of the carnival for many students. Fiona Zheng ‘16 said, “The photo booth is my favorite activity here. It makes the carnival much more lively and fun.”

There was a pumpkin decorating station, which also attracted many of those in attendance. It provided the true festivities of Halloween.  Students decorated miniature pumpkins with many types of stickers. “This is a great traditional Halloween event. I think it would be better if we were able to carve the pumpkins. However, I understand that pumpkin carving could get too messy,” noted Son Nguyen ‘14.

Students participated in various carnival games in order to earn raffle tickets. Students had to obtain at least 10 raffle tickets in order to win a prize. These prizes consisted of small and large plush toys.

The games included: “Brain Toss,” “Big Mouth,”  “Tombstone Tipping,” “Ring a Pumpkin,” “Frog Flinger,” and “Roller Bowler.” Sticking to traditional carnival games, the “Brain Toss” was a game where students had to throw three plastic brains into a cauldron, and “Tombstone Tipping” required students to knock down a cardboard tombstone by throwing beanbags at it.

“Roller Bowler” was the hardest carnival game; students needed multiple attempts to complete the game. Students had to roll a ball on a ramp that had a hump in the middle. The aim of the game was to get the ball to remain on the top of the hump without it rolling back. Caisey exclaimed, “The ‘Tombstone Tipping’ is my favorite activity of the night. Although, I did win the ‘Roller Bowler’ game twice!”

The Halloween Carnival  prepared a pre-festive atmosphere for the upcoming Halloween holiday. It was a medium for students to gather, socialize and have fun.


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