Students feel effect of government shut down


By katiebarner12

The government shutdown is on everyone’s mind this October.

This is the first government shutdown since 1995, which happened during the Clinton administration.

The government shutdown is the product of the Republicans’ belief, led by Ted Cruz (R-Texas), that Obamacare is so destructive, it is worth disrupting government funding to weaken it.

Republicans refuse to budge until the Democrats compromise, and the Democrats refuse to make any sort of compromise whatsoever.

It is basically a game of chicken: Whoever blinks first loses.

Government funding is not fully shut down: air traffic control, military pay, the U.S. Postal Service and Social Security remain functional, and, naturally, Congress will still get paid.

Students and faculty of Union have started to feel the effects of the shutdown.

Students researching for thesis no longer have access to government-run websites for sources.

If the shutdown goes on further, government funding for education will be cut. Students relying on government-funded research are now at a standstill.

Federal funding for graduate and doctorate programs has been suspended, which affects students’ capabilities to do research funded by the government.

If students are looking to apply for a loan for the spring that they have not already obtained, they will not be able to apply for government loans.

Marlene Beaton ‘15, who has an off campus job, said, “They’re shut down, but they still collect my taxes. It’s rough.”

Nick D’Angelo ‘14, said, “For the most part, we haven’t felt the impacts of the government shutdown. Mail is still being delivered and we’re still receiving our student loans, but if it persists institutions like Union, and we students, could feel it far more personally with an elimination of federal grants. More importantly, these grants are fundamental to our community’s public schools, which rely on them for a variety of programs, including special education. Regardless of its personal impact on us, the government shutdown is clearly poor precedent and a sorry excuse for responsible government. It demonstrates a far greater problem of inefficiency and a true inability to compromise.”

Alex Safiq ‘14, said, “Of course the government would shut down as I need to apply to NSF, NOAA and NASA grants for grad school. I am not amused.”


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