Student guru creates food blog


By Martina Glab

Meet Emanuel Storch, an economics major from the sophomore class. He created his own food blog called “Scratch,” which features a variety of quality meals he has whipped up in his dorm room.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Ariz., Storch has been interested in the culinary arts from an early age. Growing up, he was always surrounded by his mother’s cooking as she entertained many guests and family friends.

Around the time Storch attended high school, he began to develop his unique skills.

Shortly after graduating, Storch took a gap year in Tel Aviv, Israel where he studied at the Bar-Ilan University.

Unlike at Union, the university did not provide any type of meal plan for its students.

Storch’s solution was to make frequent trips to the outdoor market in the city, where he would purchase a wide variety of fresh foods to take back to his dorm.

As soon as he returned home, Storch would cook a great meal for himself as well as all his friends, since they had few other meal options available to them.

After a while, Storch’s friends became truly impressed with all his talents, and they prompted him to start a blog about it.

He began to document all the different meals he created and eventually launched “Scratch,” a blog powered by Tumblr.

Storch continued his hobby when he entered Union in the fall of 2012.

Since its initial development while he was in Israel, “Scratch” has now turned into a more formal website, found at

It features dozens of easy recipes you can master right in your dorm room with additional tips on how to keep your diet healthy.

The blog is inspired by the Food Network and some of its best-featured chefs, including Bobby Flay. Storch also collects many of his ideas from pure experience dining at a number of different restaurants.

“What I try to do is whenever I go to a restaurant and I eat something I enjoy, I will try to recreate it when I am back home,” Storch said. “It’s where I get a lot of my ideas from.”

With the hope of achieving a business career in the food industry one day, Storch stated that the purpose of his blog is mostly to help students, who are often forced to grab processed, filling meals on the go amidst a highly fast-paced college lifestyle. Storch’s mission behind his web site is to demonstrate that “eating healthily means to make things from ‘scratch’ and from natural products … and it doesn’t have to be really complicated.”

His best advice to college students (especially to any who have experienced the “freshman 15”) in searching for the best solutions in dining halls, is to “stick to fresh ingredients — eating more fruits and vegetables go a long way, and stay away from things that look processed.”

You can check out all of Storch’s recipes and advice at or follow @scratchfoodblog on Twitter.


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