Spooky songs to spice up your Halloween bash


By mattwu

Music is everything for a successful Halloween party. Forget the candy, costumes or decorations; without the perfect list of eerie, tension building, horrifying music, all you have left will be a bunch of not-so-scary college kids in ridiculous outfits. Just like a screamer movie without its sound effects, the party that you throw will be lame. To turn your house into a haunted mansion this weekend, check out the following list of the best Halloween songs. They will be sure to thrill your guests.

1. “Thriller,” Michael Jackson

The King of Pop has not, cannot and will not die. He is resurrected every Halloween to dance to one of his all-time best: “Thriller.” His legendary music video depicts him turning into a werewolf at full moon and then partying the night away as a zombie with his zombie friends. The chilling voice at the beginning reminds us that “mere mortals cannot resist” dancing just like MJ. Throw your claws up and use this song to truly make it a thrilling night.

2. “Monster,” Kanye West

“Monster” incorporates Kanye West, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj as monster artists as they kill their verses in ways only they know how. The song’s music video has a disturbingly sexy fetish for necrophilia, but if that’s what gets your monster up, then this song will undoubtedly make this weekend one never to be forgotten.

3. “Monster Mash,” Bobby “Boris” Picket

Who can forget this classic Halloween song? Never mind that it may not have hard club beats or electronic techno, “Monster Mash” is the perfect song to set the mood right for Halloween. Bobby “Boris” Picket describes Frankenstein coming to life in order to do the Monster Mash dance amongst his monster friends; likewise, let it set a precedent for the night to rise up with life.

4. “Ghostbusters,” Ray Parker Jr.

When someone asks the question “Who you gonna call?” what will you say? “Ghostbusters,” obviously. If your Halloween party is turning into a ghostly whimper, then make sure Ray Parker Jr. comes to the rescue to bust it into something better.

5. “I Will Possess Your Heart,” Death Cab for Cutie

For something a little slower and more romantic, Death Cab for Cutie serenades from the perspective of the best stalker in the world. The lyrics literally talk about peering into the beloved’s window, never letting them go and of course, possessing the poor soul’s heart. I have a feeling, though, that if it was Death Cab for Cutie doing all these things, the subject would not complain.

6. “Clipse of Doom,” Ghostface Killah

If you have a name like Ghostface Killah does, Halloween playlists should be named in your honor. Coupled with his flow, which is amazing, his name will most certainly be on your playlist this weekend. “Clipse of Doom” signals the advent of an unforgettable, tumultuous night.

7. “Big Bad Wolf,” Tech N9ne

A deadly flow from the mouth of the Big Bad Wolf? Watch out little pigs, Tech N9ne has adapted his villainous side to rap from the perspective of the classic villain. “Don’t try to run away” from this song’s catchy beats and quick words, or else the Big Bad Wolf is going to blow your party to smithereens. And no one wants to be that stupid piggy who lets his house turn into a lame party.

8. “Highway to Hell,” AC/DC

“No stop signs, no limits … No one’s going to slow you down.” AC/DC sings true to your party when you play their classic rock song. Send your guests to taste the fiery depths of Hell as they rock the night away.

9. “Bustin’ At ‘Em,” Wacka Flocka Flame

This is not necessarily meant to be a Halloween song, but Wacka Flocka Flame’s song “Bustin’ At ‘Em” has enough murderous intent to pump a party’s energy to a maximum. This song exhibits big beats and cold lyrics; his intent to send his enemies to the grave qualifies it as scary enough for your party.

10. “Halloween Wurks,” DJ Nate

This high-energy mix of scratching claws, howls, police sirens, monstrous growls and cackling laughter somehow transforms the Halloween theme song into a Chicago jukebox beat. Guaranteed to ring forever through your sleep, DJ Nate’s “Halloween Wurks” provides a thrilling song for your playlist.


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