Spinning classes take over Union


By Gabriella Levine

This term, the Alumni Gym introduced spinning classes to the campus community.

Nine spinning instructors were hired to lead the classes, which are offered at a variety of times Monday through Friday.

Currently, 105 people are enrolled in the classes.

Instructor profile: Amy Jessup

Amy has been teaching group fitness classes since graduating from Union in 1987.

She became a certified instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 1992.Amy continues to maintain that certification, in addition to CPR/AED.

She currently teaches mostly step aerobics and sculpting, but is experienced in spinning®, kickboxing and Hi-Lo as well. Amy also teaches at the Greater Glenville YMCA.

From the editor: Tips for a good spin

– Don’t sit in the very back row:

Even though you may be tempted to avoid the first row of seats for your first time, go sit towards the front and you will get a better view of the instructor. Your instructor is your best guide for your spinning success.

– Bring water:

Staying hydrated is very important. It will help energize you during your workout and give your muscles more flexibility.

– Don’t go faster than the veterans:

Pedaling faster than the veterans or your instructor does very little for a proper spinning workout. When you work out, focus on intensity over speed.

– Expect a vigorous workout:

You may burn up to 400 calories per 45 minutes of instruction. While each class varies from the next, you are guaranteed to get a hardcore workout.


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