Matt & Kim rock Union


By Ryan Asselin

Last Saturday night kicked off with an amazing concert presented by the Union College Concert Committee. Matt & Kim came to the College Park Hall Ballroom with their trademark high intensity and incredible stage presence.

Before Matt & Kim took to the stage, opening act Blue Scholars worked the crowd. The Seattle duo played a variety of songs and engaged the crowd.  From conversations about Seattle to a shout-out to WRUC, Blue Scholars had nothing but thanks for being invited to perform. On stage, the pair set a great mood for the headlining act.

Matt Johnson (singer and keyboard player) and Kim Schifino (drummer) met in college without any knowledge of the instruments they play now. After they started dating, the two began playing music together just to have a good time. Following their first live performance, however, Matt & Kim could not stop. Since their formation in 2004, Matt & Kim have created their own sound and their own style. Every song is unique and distinctive, characterized by high energy and happy vibes from the streets of New York City.

After their first release, cult followings from basement shows and small venues began to form. The indie duo gained popularity, which peaked with the release of “Daylight.”

Working with a style of music in which every song sounds similar is usually detrimental to live performances, as was the case with the Dirty Heads at Springfest this past spring, but Matt & Kim found ways to change up the scenery last weekend. In one of the best live performances I have seen in a while, Matt & Kim electrified the College Park Hall audience, making sure everyone enjoyed the show by throwing free T-shirts, drumsticks and balloons to the crowd.

“Matt & Kim were so full of energy … I could not stop dancing!” said Katherine Pouliot ‘16.

In between their original songs, the duo played popular rap songs, danced along and generally enjoyed themselves on stage.

Known for her stage antics, Schifino occasionally stood on top of her seat or drum set to dance and play. After taking a liking to the population of shirtless guys in the crowd, Schifino even walked out on top of the crowd, held up by her feet and ankles as she danced.

Despite the rather quiet microphone into which Johnson sang, the set sounded awesome. Whether you knew the words to the songs or not, each was better than the one before it.

Matt & Kim put on a great performance. With high energy levels and catchy choruses, Matt & Kim left the Union community thankful for such an awesome show. Anyone who couldn’t make it to the show missed out on a great experience with great people.

Needless to say, nothing would have been possible without the hard work and commitment from the Union College Concert Committee, who started setting up for the show 12 hours in advance. The entire concert was completely booked, arranged, advertised, set up and run by the Concert Committee.



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