Last-minute costume ideas when you are on a budget


By Martina Glab

It’s Halloween and you still have no clue what you are wearing tonight.

With mid-term exams and homework deepening your week eight blues, you probably haven’t really had the chance to scope around for that perfect costume.

Not to mention, most of them are pricey, and you may just simply not have the budget for it.

Well, fear not!

807 Union Street is here to provide you with some useful tips to put together a fantastic costume at little cost.

Below is a list of different kinds of simple costume ideas you can string together within a short amount of time.

1. Vampire: Feeling inspired by your favorite cast members from True Blood? Simply find a plain, little black dress you can don with a pair of black flats or heels. Pull on a pair of tights and swipe on some red lipstick and use it to depict a trail of blood below your mouth.

For extras, you can purchase a velvet vampire cape available at Wal-Mart for a fair $14 or a set of fangs for just over $3.

2. 1960s Housewife: Perhaps you’re more in the mood to take on a Mad Men rendition of a 1960s housewife. Put on a plain, conservative dress and deck yourself in pearls for jewelry. If you have the time, curl your hair and pin it back into a bun or other up-do. Slip into a pair of heels and wing your eyeliner into a classy cat-eye look.

For extras, include a simple white apron you can find at Wal-Mart for $9.

3. Pirate: Embrace your inner Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swan and be a pirate! Find a striped shirt to wear along with a pair of mid-calf leggings or pants. Adorn your outfit with any pair of boots and coat your eyes with a thick layer of eyeliner.

For extras, you can get a piratey eye patch at The Costumer store in Schenectady for $2 or a pirate hat for $6.

4. Angel: Look heavenly with a casual white sundress. Slip on a pair of white flats and an optional golden belt.

For extras, include a halo for only $5 and a pair of wings at just over $7 at Party City in Albany.

 5.  Bumblebee: Don a bright yellow T-shirt and a pair of black shorts or a skirt. Put on some black flats or heels.

For extras, find a pair of bumblebee antennae for $4 and a pair of wings at $7 at Wal-Mart.

There are a limitless number of ways in which you can dress up for Halloween.

If you don’t have much time or money to splurge on a full costume, just throw together some of the basics from your closet to match up with the option of a few fun accessories.

That way, you can save up while also playing with your creative side.

Happy Halloweening!


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