Kristen’s Kause takes Frank Bailey Field


By Danielle Coppola

It’s clear that every member of the Union community supports Kristen Shine-barger and her entire family. Events like the “Dutchmen Dip” and “Run, Ribs and Reggae” are just a few of the ways the campus has shown their support.

“Kristen’s Kause” is not an obligation to the faculty and students, but is a personal mission of every Dutchman and Dutchwoman.

This past Saturday, the Union Football team took the field with their usual physical strength, but a little extra heart and a very important fan.

This important fan is the ten-year-old Kristen Shine-barger.

What would have otherwise been a normal game against St. Lawrence University was a campus-wide event for Kristen’s Kause. The energy both on and off the field was tangible.

From their yellow laces to their enthusiastic performance on the field, it was clear that despite their loss, the Dutchmen had only one thing on their minds.

After taking the field with Kristen for the coin toss, the Dutchmen and their captains gritted down to start what would be a lengthy and hard-fought game.

The first quarter ended with the Dutchmen blocking a kick from the Saints and getting themselves on the board with 30 seconds left to play. Leading directly into the second quarter where the Dutchmen tied the game on a fumble recovery by Jake Lebowitz ‘14, despite the blocked kick attempt.

With the score notched at 13-13 Darnel Thomas ‘15 scored a third Union touchdown on a three-play drive.

The Saints were able to burst past the Union defense and score the only points of the third quarter once again tying the game, this time 20-20.

Despite a passionate performance by the Dutchmen, the fourth quarter was dominated by the Saints, who scored a touchdown 10 seconds into the quarter and closed the game out with a field goal. This brought the final score to 30-20 in favor of Saint Lawrence University.

The success of the day outweighed the loss of the game and would not have been possible without the work of Michael Miceli ‘14 and Joshua Rose ‘14.

After asking how the event went, Miceli  answered, “The event was bittersweet. We raised a lot of money and awareness for the Shinebargers, but couldn’t pull off the win. It was great to see Kristen on the field for the coin toss.”

Rose also felt the event went well, and when asked what it meant to the football team he stated, “The event meant a lot to the Union Football team. We’ve always been ready and willing to help a member of the Union community, especially Kristen.”

The field and stands were full of support for Shinebarger on “NCAA Take a Kid to the Game Day,” during which children 12 and under were admitted for free, and the first 100 received a free T-shirt.

This past Saturday, the football players sported yellow laces to represent Sarcoma and Bone Cancer awareness. Colleges Against Cancer sold T-shirts in Reamer the week prior to the game, as well as during the game itself.

In addition, the women of Sigma Delta Tau sat inside the main gate painting faces and selling baked goods with all the proceeds going to Kristen’s Kause.

It’s evident that Union  will always be there for those in need.


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