Jonny Craig reborn with new EP


By Ryan Asselin

Often, music and drugs go hand-in-hand. Former vocalist for post-hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance and alternative rock group Emarosa Jonny Craig, was kicked out of the business when he let his heroin addiction control his life.

Craig started taking drugs at 16, and his drug usage eventually got so bad that he could not do anything without shooting up heroin beforehand.

After time spent in jail and numerous undeserved second chances, Craig swallowed his pride and decided it was time for rehabilitation. It took time, but he eventually got back on track. Clean and sober, Craig finally saw his true potential. He also realized that in the music business, nothing would just be given to him anymore; if he wanted to succeed, he had to make it happen for himself.

A new man, Craig auditioned for last season’s hit television show The Voice, but his reputation followed him and he was not chosen.

After a career in rock, Craig decided to follow a new musical path by embracing his soul roots. On Sept. 24, Craig released his second solo EP, his first since stepping away from drugs. Find What You Love and Let it Kill You debuted fourth on the iTunes R&B/Soul list.

The EP consists primarily of Craig’s spine-chilling, passionate vocals over synth pads and soft drumming. Sadly, the album failed to interest many listeners.  Most songs blend together and end in disappointment. This is not necessarily because the release was poor, but because every Craig release is anticipated with high expectations.

On a better  note, the second song, “I Still Feel Her, Pt. 5,” features former Vonnegutt rapper Kyle Lucas; he and Craig make a memorable duo. Craig and Lucas plan to release a full-length album together sometime in the near future.

Even though I was disappointed with Craig’s most recent release, I am impressed by the fact that Craig has risen from the metaphoric musical grave and is once again making music.

Bearing striking similarities to The Weeknd but boasting a greater vocal range, Craig will once again show his worth to the music industry. Hopefully, this will have to be his last comeback.



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