In the age old cats v. dogs debate, dogs come out on top


By Chris Allen

It is a question that dates back, umm … well a long time. That question is: Are you a dog person or are you a cat person? Dog people generally defend their choice of pet by saying a dog is loyal, dependable and loving. Cat people say their cat, or in most cases their multiple cats, are cute, good company and fun. To understand these adjectives we must delve deeper into each side.

Dogs demonstrate their ability to be loyal when waiting for military veterans to return, or when they greet you when you come back from college. I have experienced this reaction first-hand when I return home because my neighbor’s dog will not leave my side from the moment I enter the house to the time I leave. The canine species has proven that they are good company, at least for their owners. I know some mailmen and deliverymen don’t agree with the good company aspect, as they are chased and barked at until they are out of sight.

I remember one time, while I was working for UPS during winter break, I went to step out of the van and the owner’s dog sprinted from the door all the way to where I was in a matter of seconds.

Dogs’ energy make them difficult to maintain because they require a lot of attention (such as walking and playing) so they don’t destroy the house.

Even with these cases of chasing and barking at deliverymen, it just demonstrates the fact that the dog is protecting its home and family, which is another instance of loyalty and love.

Dogs constantly demonstrate their love. They will jump on laps in a similar fashion to cats or even join for a morning relaxation session in bed. Throughout history, dogs have proven they are great, but what about cats?

Cats have taken over the Internet with memes and videos displaying their cuteness, but also their ability to be jerks to those around them. Most people who are not cat fans see them as cynical creatures that were worshipped by Egyptians. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo said, “So you know, cats are interesting. They are kind of like girls. If they come and talk to you, it’s great. But if you try to talk to them it doesn’t always go so well.”

Being a cat owner, I can say that the quote is certainly true, but there is also some X-factor with cats that keeps you wanting more.

Whether it’s the enjoyment of them sleeping on your lap, or maybe even comforting you if you are sick. Outdoor cats help around the house as well, by either hunting for rodents or keeping you company while you read or do housework.

Cats are also very fun to play with, that is unless you try to pet their stomach too long as they will use their hunting technique of scratching your hand until it is bleeding or gone. But if there is a laser pointer, stick or catnip, then you can enjoy yourself by watching the cat either chase the red dot or end of the stick.

Cats will also just stare aimlessly at you or random spots in the room they are in or do what they do a lot — sleep.

It is also true that cats are a lot easier to keep because they only really need to be fed, while dogs need lots of walks and attention. However, the daily hours of praising the beauty and genius of the cat can eat into your schedule.

Overall, as we look at all of the different aspects of dogs and cats it is difficult to make the decision about which is better.

Dogs seem to be better for families, but that family must have time to spend with their pet or else they risk a broken house or a mistreated dog.

Cats have a cynical side to them and may be hard to understand, but they can still share love, as long as they are fed. As a cat owner though, I will have to give my vote to dogs.

Dogs show their affection for their family by protecting them from strangers, showing excitement and love of your company and lastly, to put it simply, dogs are man’s best friend.


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