Columbus Day Open House


By Song My Hoang

Union prepared a big welcome for prospective students on Monday, Oct. 14 with its annual Columbus Day Open House.

There were 250 students registered for the event. The attendance rate, though, was lower than last year’s. The number was not as high as expected, but the open house still had the second-highest attendance rate in Union’s history.

As most students attend college for a quality education, the open house primarily focused on the academic experience at Union. The day started with a welcoming address and a general overview of Union’s academic objectives.

As the day progressed, prospective students were given the choice to attend more specific sessions. These presentations consisted of an introduction to financial aid, advising and career success, pre-law and pre-med advising and other academic departments at Union.

Students also had the option to attend classes in order to truly understand academics at Union.

The open house provided enough academic depth for students who had already determined what they wanted to pursue. It also provided more general overviews for those who were still undecided.

Campus tours were given throughout the day. Vice President for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment Matt Malatesta stated, “Our tour guides have a good amount of influence on prospective students because they offer a sense of individual connection.

Tour guides can help convey a full range of student interactions that happen at Union.”

A luncheon was held, aimed to provide students with a general sense of Union’s atmosphere. There, prospective students had the opportunity to socialize with Union’s faculty and students. These exchanges were intended to give students a more comprehensive vision of Union.

The open house was geared towards applicants who were in the process of submitting their college applications. The main purpose of this open house was to help students decide if Union is a good fit for them.

“We want to represent our best self at the open house,” said Malatesta.

Admissions aspired to communicate Union’s philosophy to the students. Malatesta explained, “We want to create quality academics, a top-notch faculty, commitment to help our students find success and a place where students can be in more than one world.”

Malatesta believed that Union’s representatives at the open house embodied this philosophy.

Union’s student body consists of those who seek hands-on academic opportunities and those who don’t want to be anonymous in the class. “Union is a place for students who have a variety of interests. It is a fun, vibrant and exciting place to be,” said Malatesta.

Prospective students’ judgments were not just based on the events scheduled for the open house, there were many other factors that may have swayed their opinions as well.

Regardless of what Union articulated in each presentation, each student left the open house with a different feeling based on his or her unique experiences at Union.

Malatesta commented, “Maybe someone might love Union because they saw the beautiful sun glistening on the Nott. Maybe someone else enjoyed having a good laugh with a Union professor.”

“Not everyone will fall in love with us, but we hope that they do,” admitted Malatesta.

The Columbus Day Open House was the last open house before college applications are due. “We want prospective students to have a flavor of Union,” said Malatesta.

Hopefully, a good amount of talented students will find Union to be their best fit and consider applying here.



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