Beautiful U: Beat the week 7 blues


By Nicolette Audino

The period of time following midterms and before finals can be extremely difficult for college students. We are all burnt out, exhausted and ready for a break. As fun and enjoyable as school can be, sometimes an overload of work can lead to laziness, stress and broken routines.  Since midterms have, at  long last, come to an end, we must look for ways to rejuvenate ourselves and remember that we still have four more weeks to go before the long, relaxing six week break begins.

The last few weeks of the term always seem to go by with a blink of an eye. Therefore, keeping up with your work and not prematurely going into winter-break-mode is key. Even with the cold weather approaching and the darkness that remains as you open your eyes in the morning due to the change in seasons, you must keep your head above water and not sink.

Some of us play sports, some are members of sororities or fraternities and some serve as members of clubs or other organizations on campus that require a great deal of time and dedication. Yet, at the end of the day, we all must remember why we are here — to study, learn and, ultimately, establish what we want to do with the rest of our lives.  If we can always keep that goal in the back of our minds, we will do just fine.

Below, you will find a few tips to keep you ready and at your peak performance for the final finish.

1. STAY POSITIVEThe worst thing you can do to yourself in any arena in life is  be negative. Staying positive and saying positive things about yourself, your life and your future are highly important. Remember that we are all lucky to have the opportunity to study at a school as great as Union, so if that is the only positive thing you can find at the moment, remember that you have at least one thing to celebrate.

2. STUDY AHEAD OF TIMEThis past weekend, I gave up a fun-filled weekend with friends to stay in on both Friday and Saturday nights to study for a midterm because I knew I had a prior commitment on Sunday.  If you know you have something important to do later in the week, get your studying done early so that you will not feel quite so overwhelmed the night before the exam or lengthy paper is due.

3. TAKE A BREAKI know some people love to cram and work under pressure, but working for hours straight can leave you feeling stressed and exhausted.  Take small study breaks to do your favorite things. Study for two hours, then go watch the football game for 20 minutes. Keep doing it until you know the material.

4. DON’T PANICWe have all been in the situation where, in complete dejection, we say, “I am going to fail.” You are not going to fail. We are smart enough to be students at Union; therefore, we are smart enough to know the material.  Set your mind to it, and teach it to yourself.

5. ASK YOUR PROFESSORS FOR HELPThey are there to help you.  There are very few, if any, professors that do not want to help you succeed.  Take advantage of their knowledge and accessibility and put in the effort to show that you care.

6. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDSGo out to eat, go out on a Saturday night or go do things with  your friends and family. It will give you a nice balance of work and fun.

7. PLAN A WINTER BREAK ADVENTUREHaving something to look forward to is the best way to push through something. Knowing that the end goal is going to visit your friends in New York City or taking an awesome excursion with your family will give you motivation to work hard.

8. PAY ATTENTION IN CLASSI know it is hard to focus in class, especially when the teacher may be discussing something that is not particularly  interesting to you at the moment, but just remember that all that slacking in class will haunt you in the end when you have to study for a final exam. Buckle up. If you have to be there anyway, you might as well make it useful.

9. SLEEPGet the right amount of sleep.  No mater what, sleep is important. Feeling exhausted will make you not only less productive, but not be able to utilize your full potential.

10. ESTABLISH A ROUTINEAnd stick to it! Every week, plan out a schedule, whether you have a planner or just write it on a piece of notebook paper.  Write down time slots where you have class, exercise, meetings, etc. and see where you have open space. In those free times, either choose to relax or spend time with your favorite people.


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