We know what U did this summer: renovations around campus


By Katie Ziemba

Upon returning to Union last week, students were greeted by a few new additions to campus. In addition to the expected crop of new students that have started to settle in, the Union campus now features the newly-built Wicker Wellness Center.

Funds for the Wellness Center are largely credited to Union Trustee William Wicker ‘71 and his wife Pamela, along with the donations of other Union alumni.

The Wellness Center houses both the Department of Health Services and the Counseling Center, which were once on the second and third floors of Silliman Hall, respectively. The building is connected to the former squash court area in the Alumni Gym, and is significantly bigger than the previous space used by Health Services and the Counseling Center.

Students interested in taking advantage of the expanded and improved Wellness Center facilities should contact Director of Health Services Angela Stefanatos and Director of the Counseling Center Marcus Hotaling.

In addition to the Wellness Center, O3 Cafe also received a new expansion and makeover after its vandalism on the evening of May 18, 2013.

If students, faculty and staff are expecting an end to construction around campus however, they may have to wait a little longer. Beginning in January 2014, facilities will begin construction on the Humanities Building, and it is expected to move faculty back into the building in December 2014.

A donation from the Karp Family (Doug Karp ‘97, and Jana Karp ‘99) funded the project, and has inspired the name of the building to change to “Karp Hall.”

In addition to the new Humanities Building, other smaller projects will be done around campus. Last week, facilities began the replacement of the Field House floor, which will be completed before Thanksgiving.

“The Humanities and Wellness Center projects have been planned with a design team made up of representatives of the various departments that will be housed in the buildings, as well as Facilities and ITS personnel,” explained Director of Facilities and Planning Loren Rucinski.

Both projects were planned and designed eight to 10 months before construction, and will make considerable improvements on the previous buildings. For the next few months however, students can expect very limited interruption by construction, and can instead enjoy the new changes made on campus.


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