The Reamer TV replaced free of charge


By Martina Glab

It has recently been revealed that the Reamer Campus Center will be receiving a brand new LED television to replace one that was severely damaged during spring term of last year.

On the night of May 19, 2013, the campus center was vandalized.The culprit has been reported to be either an individual or a group of persons who destroyed various items in the O3 Marketplace as well as the TV hanging on the wall across from the Ushi Bar.

Valued at $11,000, the TV was used to broadcast various campus events, announcements and reminders (in place of the former paper calendar) and was forcefully hit in multiple areas, leading to its breakage. The incident brought widespread devastation to the campus community, who held valued regard for the damaged items.

Student Forum recently voted to replace the damaged TV.

Expected to arrive within the next few weeks, the new TV will be the same 90-inch LED screen the campus was introduced to last year – the cost of which will be entirely reimbursed. President of Student Forum Richard Harris ‘14, comments, “We’re very happy that the TV was replaced at no charge to the Student Forum so that students can get back to taking advantage of the display for advertising and campus events.”

In the wake of the incident that took place last spring, Student Forum is taking extra precautions to prevent any potential damage to the new TV.

As a safety measure, a large Lexan sheet has been ordered to cover the surface of the display. Encased in a custom-built wooden frame, the sheet is shatter-resistant, granting full protection for the new device.

Although Campus Safety has withheld confidential information regarding the circumstances of the vandalism in Reamer, including the identity of the individual(s) involved, the arrival of the new TV brings relief to the campus community.

Campus Safety also has not released whether or not the investigation is still ongoing.

With the refurbishment of the O3 Marketplace and the restoration of the Reamer TV, students can once again begin using popular attractions in the campus center. O3 re-opened for the beginning of this year and features an all-new layout and style.


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