First-years, got your study pants on?


By Abigail Hollander

Here’s some advice about where to study on campus. There are several options, each of which are tailored to various levels of activity, such as the lunch crowd, the academic crowd and the socialites.

Contrary to popular belief, it is socially acceptable to do your homework in the library. Offering close to three-quarters of a million volumes in print and electronic formats, Schaffer offers seemingly unlimited resources. Its new renovations offer an inviting, modern and welcoming spin on the traditional reference center.

Because libraries are intended to be quieter spaces to work, I would not consider this place an area for lengthy social conversations or loud music. There are several group study rooms designated for communal work, alongside cubicles and tables. Schaffer is a fabulous study space for students to get their work done efficiently in a quiet, cozy environment.

Many are familiar with Reamer Campus Center as home to the Campus Bookstore and Dutch Hollow. At the epicenter of campus, Reamer is always teeming with students and faculty. It is a great place to grab some food, meet up with friends or do homework.

A louder environment, it is a great place to meet for group projects. However, you always risk running into friends at Reamer. Beware of the distractions, since Reamer is first and foremost a place of gathering.

We love the Peter Irving Wold Center because we love Starbucks. With a coffee in hand, it is a good place to get your homework done. There are comfortable chairs and ottomans, ideal for completing a reading assignment, alongside clusters of chairs and tables.

It is an appropriate place for group study, since many students pass through Wold on their way to class. While not quite as hectic as Reamer, Wold has its own bustling environment that is academically oriented (and caffeine-driven).

Not only does the Nott Memorial make a great photo, it makes a fabulous study space. As a quiet environment, students vigorously flip through textbooks and furrow their brows trying to get that last point in their chemistry textbook. Not only is it a beautiful place to do creative writing, it is a great place to focus.

Studying in your dorm room works well, just don’t fall asleep! Also, take advantage of the gardens and lawns before the snow comes. West Beach is a great place to catch some sun while studying. Jackson’s Garden is another tranquil outdoor area where some students study. Just try not to get distracted by the infamously cute Union squirrels.

Needless to say, there are plenty of spaces to open your books and get some work done. Just be aware of your surroundings, and be respectful of others who are also studying. Happy Homework!


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