Beartooth sets fans on fire with new EP


By Ryan Asselin

With its first album, an EP released free online, Beartooth unleashes some of the heaviest and most entertaining music today.  Every scream demonstrates front man Caleb Shomo’s passion for music.

Caleb Shomo joined the post-hardcore/electronicore band Attack Attack! on keyboards at age 15.  Upon the departure of Austin Carlile, now lead vocals for Of Monsters & Men, Shomo became the vocalist for Attack Attack!, handling all vocals and production for the band by the release of its third and final album, This Means War.  After leaving Attack Attack!, Shomo formed Beartooth.

With talents as a producer, engineer and mixer, Shomo created an EDM presence, now under the name CLASS.  Throughout his life, Shomo has battled depression, anxiety and “overindulgence” of substances, which have all presented challenges for Shomo as he grows in the public eye.

Shomo put heavy music into perspective for many during his mid-show speeches while with Attack Attack!, which I was lucky enough to hear firsthand during the 2012 “Scream It Like You Mean It” tour.  With dimmed lights and soft guitar cords, Shomo would open up to the crowds about his battles with depression and anxiety, giving everyone at the concert, whether they struggled with depression themselves or not, motivation and strength to carry on.

Primarily on the topic of substance abuse, Beartooth’s four-song EP offers open arms to its listeners, especially those with similar life experiences.

Every scream from Shomo on Beartooth’s EP comes not only from the bottom of his lungs, but also from the bottom of his heart.  Shomo creates music true to himself, raw with emotion and energy.  The emotion is truly presented at the end of the fourth song on the EP, “Set Me On Fire,” in which the screeching amplifiers in the background set the stage for the passion in Shomo’s final scream, a cry for help.

I look forward to seeing what else Beartooth’s bright future holds and I hope to experience its passion first hand some day. Beartooth’s first EP is available free online at Be sure to check it out.


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