An ode to recruitment season


By Nora Swidler

Ahh, autumn at Union is upon us once more. Students can see the changing leaves, feel the excitement of the new school year and eagerly anticipate another year of Greek recruitment.

To the untrained eye, the flocks of young women who have been wearing sundresses, traveling in large groups to the sorority houses behind the field house, guided by disaffiliated sorority sisters in matching shirts, may seem peculiar. However, these young women were simply potential new members following their Recruitment Guides (or Rho Gammas) to their destinies.

This is the week when the eligible sophomore, junior and senior students decide whether or not they would like to participate in Greek life, and, if so, which house.

That is just what this week has been all about: for the potential new members to acquaint and familiarize themselves with each house in order to determine the best fit.

Throughout the week, the sisters of each Panhellenic sorority have been representing their respective houses in matching tanks. The sisters of Delta Delta Delta have been sporting purple shirts with blue and pink letters, the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta have been wearing neon pink tees with beautiful script and the sisters of Sigma Delta Tau have been displaying their neon letters on black tanks.

This uniformity of clothing is meant to help the potential new members decipher the sisters of each house, as well as to unite the women of each sisterhood.

The process of “girl flirting” helps the current sisters of each sorority decide who their new members will be. The bonds that begin to form in these early days of recruitment carry on throughout the entire new member education process.

The potential new members had their ears filled with songs and catchy tunes, their hearts warmed by the stories of support and sisterhood and their tummies stuffed with delicious bites and sips.

Two years ago, I went through the recruitment process.  I remember walking from house to house, feeling the anxious jitters in my stomach. The first night of rush was spent watching each sorority put on a skit that demonstrated the personality of their sisterhood.

I was exposed to the wardrobe that sorority women wear: neon hats, glittering bracelets and boldshirts. I saw letters on anything that can be puffy painted (which is pretty much anything).

The second night, I learned about each house’s national philanthropy and the fundraisers that the sororities host on campus to help support their causes. I gained insight into what the sororities stood for and all the good they seek to achieve.

The third night was slide show night. The sisters displayed their pictorial memories of their times together.  This was the night when I started to imagine myself in these photos and really started to see what my life at Union would soon become.

The fourth night of the process (tonight!) is always bid night. Bid night is the most magical night of recruitment. The bid parties that I attended were the living embodiment of all my sorority fantasies. My name was beautifully written in gold puffy paint on a plastic champagne flute filled with sparkling cider. That night I discussed all my hopes and dreams with sorority sisters and knew that that was exactly where I wanted to be.

A mere three hours later, I received a bid to the sorority of my dreams. The excitement I felt still makes me smile today. I was over the moon. That moment marked the beginning of one of my greatest collegiate adventures.

During this year’s recruitment, I have been disaffiliated from my house as a Rho Gamma. I could not wait to see these young women go through the process, and cannot wait to see their excitment tonight when they recieve their bids and thus embark on one of the most enhancing and enriching experiences that Union has to offer.



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