The value of time


By Meghan Creane

Waiting in line at O3, waiting for your computer to load a  YouTube video in less than 10 seconds, throwing an innocent stranger’s wet laundry on top of the washer that you have been waiting to use, “wasting” less than a minute of your time waiting for the elevator.

The time we feel we are wasting by doing these tasks is very little, especially compared to the time we choose to spend on Facebook, Twitter, playing video games, watching television, napping, etc.

Are we in such a “time crunch” as college students that we don’t have the time to wait in line for food, wait for a web page to load, walk to another floor to do your laundry or take the stairs?

Has our generation become so concerned with not having enough time to “waste”?

We sit down at our desks or in the library to do homework, but most of us are aware that the four-plus hours will not just be spent writing a paper or solving problem sets, but also on refreshing our social media sites or playing online games.

We feel putting our phone on silent will take away from the media distraction, but we can’t seem to keep our hands off of them anyway.

Why are the minutes spent  on Facebook not considered a “waste of time” in the same way that we consider waiting in line for food or watching television is?

Is our generation so “digitally wired” that we feel waiting for sustenance a misuse of our time, but killing imaginary zombies in order to save a digital world valuable to us?

Social psychologist Philip Zimbardo has noted that by the age of 21, the average male will have spent over 10,000 hours playing video games alone, and that number is growing every year.

If you’re not alarmed by that, imagine how many hours our future generations will spend playing video games, on social media sites or watching television.

The point we are trying to make is to value your time. This doesn’t mean to go spend your entire day on the Internet if you value Facebook.

The five minutes spent in line for food are incomparable to the hours you spend on social media sites or playing video games.

So take the time (no pun intended) to realize what you value and do not value in your life and what you consider a “waste” of time.

Life is too short to be spending hours on end in a digital universe, because like the modern philosopher Drake said: “you only live once, that’s the motto, YOLO!”


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