The ultimate look at Ultimate Frisbee


By Laura Schad

Out of all the club sports at Union, the Ultimate Frisbee team is arguably one of the most popular. With 52 members and a policy that leaves practices open to everyone, it seems as though the club wants the whole campus to get involved.

As newly-elected captain, Mike Russo ‘16 said, “Our practices are for anyone who wants to play. Bring your cleats, some water and a light and a dark shirt and come play!”

The team practices Monday through Friday at 5 p.m. on the Rugby field. They play in a few tournaments a term and even went to sectionals about three weeks ago. Unfortunately, they did not make it very far. This didn’t stop them from having a great time though. Typically, the Ultimate club plays teams from all over. Bard, Albany, RPI, Marist and West Point are just a few of their competitors, and they have even played teams from as far away as Wisconsin.

The club also partakes in several activities as a team. About two weeks ago, they took a trip to Central Park in New York City to play Disc Golf; they also have plans to paint the Idol together in the near future. When asked what the best part of being a member of the Ultimate club is, Lisa Battiste ‘14, a three-year club veteran, says “I like Frisbee club because it is awesome and you meet fun people. It’s a great way to get some exercise and it’s the most spirited sport!” The Ultimate team is a welcoming, friendly and tight-knit group of people. Their club is a perfect example of why club sports are such a great part of Union.

Not only are club sports a great way to stay active, as Battiste mentioned, but they also give you the chance to meet people you otherwise would not interact with on campus. Club sports also give students a chance to try something different from a sport they normally play. There is no prior experience necessary for the Ultimate club and most of its members have little experience. There are even some who have never played before.

Mike Mullen ‘14, former president of the club, believes that club sports are very important to the experience one has at Union. He said, “Clubs provide another chance outside of class and typical weekend social life to meet people and to bond over collective interests. The mutual work put in to making a club function successfully brings everyone together.”

Club sports have several other benefits besides helping students stay active. Russo has just started to scratch the surface of them all. His favorite inside joke from the team is, “Huck my disc,” a spin on an inappropriate taunt. All club sports, not just the Ultimate team, are an important part of Union’s social and recreational life.


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