The Notorious Gabeldome


By Danielle Coppola


One of these “great student athletes,” Jess Kaminsky ‘16, notes, “It’s great to know that you are going to workout each day with someone who is passionate about their job and getting results. The lifts are always intense and tough, but you can definitely see the results in your game.”

One of the teams that jumps to Gabelman’s mind is the Baseball team, coming off their most successful season ever. He notes that their dedication to the sport and each other inspired their 6 a.m. workout program in the cold winter months.

When asked the important question of “Why the ‘Gabeldome’?” Gabelman reminisces on a story about a couple of Union football players who, during an early morning workout, chanted, “We’re on the highway to the Gabeldome.” A name he then coined for his startup program and training facility for the Union Athletic Department.

Gabelman firmly believes in the unity that comes from the Gabeldome. During our interview, there were over four different teams, both men’s and women’s present.

He sees his consistent program forming a bond between the various teams, but he wants that bond to spread even further. Gabelman offers private group training sessions to the entire campus community and hopes that by fall term participation in this will increase.

His passion for teamwork, communication, consistency and intensity are clear just by watching his eyes light up at the programs carried out in the Gabeldome.

He hopes that the results he has gained with the various athletic teams will inspire the rest of the student body to get involved in the Gabeldome lifestyle.

If you have any questions about private group training sessions with Gabelman, then please feel free to contact him at and look out for further advertisement in next year’s issues of the Corcordiensis.



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