The ‘Internship Lady’ says goodbye


By Carina Sorrentino

On April 24, Nadia Dovi resigned from her position at the Becker Career Center.

Although many students remember Dovi as the “Internship Lady” who kept e-mail inboxes full of job opportunities throughout the year, her relationship with the college extended beyond the office and meant a great deal to the campus community.

“I have had several other jobs in this field, but Union will by far be the hardest for me to leave,” stated Dovi. She continued to say that part of what made her decision so hard was wondering, “Am I going to find students and colleagues like these at another job?” Despite her strong relationships at the college, she was offered a position in Ithaca, N.Y., where her close family lives. “When the opportunity presented itself to live closer to home, I had to take it,” commented Dovi.

Dovi began working in the Career Center in November 2009. Her friendly spirit and enthusiasm to help students with anything from revamping résumés to securing job opportunities has been the kind of work that permanently impacts a student’s future successes.

When asked what she would miss most about the college, Dovi’s answer was immediately the people she has gotten to know. “I have awesome coworkers and my office is very collaborative; everyone does a great job of helping to prepare students, who I will also really miss.”

Director of the Career Center Robert Soules had nothing but kind words to say about Dovi. Soules described her as smart, kind, hardworking and having a great sense of humor.  As a person in charge of cultivating relationships with alumni, employers and students,  Dovi was able to connect with people on all levels. “Nadia genuinely cared about her employers and students and that was reflected in both the quantity and quality of her work,” stated Soules. “She did a wonderful job, and she did whatever it took to get the job done.”

Dovi’s relationship with students extended beyond the bounds of the Career Center.  When a work study student was recently in the school’s play, Nadia and her coworkers went to provide support. “I enjoyed seeing students outside of the Center, like going to the presentations and dance performances on Steinmetz weekend, and especially running into students and hearing positive feedback after their internships.”

Dovi’s final word of advice that she wishes to pass along to Union: “Get an internship! Start early … it will make things easier in the long run.”



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