Swing batter batter, swing: Intramural softball


By Jessica Doran

Intramural Softball is one of the favorite intramural sports during the spring term. The teams consist of TDDDX, Elements, Prestige Worldwide, Women’s Hockey, Pitches Be Crazy, America and the Average Joe’s. TDDDX is leading the league with four wins and zero losses. The team is comprised of a group of boys from Theta Delta Chi and girls from Delta Delta Delta.

The dedicated players who make up this team are Carissa Vazzana ‘13, Cristina Vazzana ‘13, Aubri Oliphant ‘14, Jen Taubes ‘14, John Masini ‘13, Pat Manning ‘13, Brian Reigle ‘13 and Brian Daley ‘13. “I love playing softball with the boys of TDX. The competitive spirits are high even if you are not playing.”

“This past Tuesday I brought my notes for a test and cheered them on. … Didn’t want to miss out on the action!” said Oliphant.

The involvement of Greek life in intramural sports teams is one of the many great ways that fraternities and sororities show their commitment to engaging in campus activities outside of the party scene.

The intramural league is made up of six teams.  Different clubs and organizations make up these teams. Intramural involvement is often a very adequate mix of all different types of Union students. Co-ed intramurals also provide space for students to socialize and mingle in a comfortable and safe setting.

Along with the co-ed teams, there is also an all male league, consisting of three divisions: National League East and West and American League East and West. Unfortunately, two teams, DKE and AD Phi, have had to forfeit all of their games due to lack of players.

Nicolette Audino, ‘14 said, “Tuesday is one of my favorite nights of the week because of softball. Everyone makes it so much fun and it is such a great time to get together and have some friendly competition. We are definitely going for gold though!”

If you actually play on the softball or baseball team at Union, you are not allowed to play on the intramural team. This is the rule for all intramurals. There are different ways to get involved, however. Audiences to cheer on the intramural sports are always welcome, as well as team managers and water boys.



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