Senior Men’s Lacrosse Facts


By Danielle Coppola

After four years at Union, the senior Lacrosse players have gained knowledge through not only academics, but also on the field. The six seniors, Bonsal Brooks, Kyle Christine, Nolan Connors, Joe Cordrey, Peter Griesinger and Alex Stone, gave some insight on their time here at Union as lacrosse players.

The six men were asked six questions: Best memory on the team, favorite opponent, favorite thing about a Union home game, pre/post game rituals you have done, plans to continue with Lacrosse after graduation and favorite memory with Coach Wehrum.

Check out the six men’s answers listed below…


Bonsal Brooks #11

Nickname: “Bo-Bo”

Years Played: 2009-2013

Position: Defense

Team Memory: Winning the Liberty League Championship my sophomore year.

Union Home Games: Gotta love the crowds and the support from the student body.

Rituals: No real rituals.

Contiued Lacrosse Plans: I could see myself being a volunteer coach at some point.

Coach Memory: Anytime coach told a story.


Kyle Christine #16

Nickname: “SigKyle”

Years Played: 2009-2013

Position: Midfield

Team Memory: Beating Bowdoin last year at home in the sweet 16 or holding up Nols after the huge goal against Skidmore.

Union Home Games: The rowdy crowd.

Rituals: I take a cold shower an hour before games.

Contiued Lacrosse Plans: I’ll play for my company’s summer team for years to come.

Coach Memory: My father-like relationship with him, he teaches us to be good lacrosse players and even better men.


Nolan Connors #26

Nickname: “Rabbit”

Years Played: 2009-2013

Position: Attack

Team Memory: Winning the Liberty League Championship my sophomore year and beating Skidmore this past Saturday.

Union Home Games: Seeing the team in all white uniforms.

Rituals: Chew gum during every pre-game warmup and listen to “Explosions In The Sky.”

Continued Lacrosse Plans: Not sure yet.

Coach Memory: His reaction after our win on senior day. He was so happy that we pulled it off.


Joe Cordrey #39

Nickname: “Psycho C”

Years Played: 2009-2013

Position: Midfield

Team Memory: Winning the Liberty League Championship my sophomore year against RPI.

Union Home Games: When the fans pack the hill on a sunny day and get rowdy.

Rituals: Going out to dinner or grilling at my house with guys on the team the night before games.

Continued Lacrosse Plans: I will play in summer leagues and summer tournaments with my friends from home.

Coach Memory: Too many to pick just one.


Peter Griesinger #24

Nickname: “Sketchy Pete”

Years Played: 2009-2013

Position: Midfield

Team Memory: Winning the Liberty League Championship in 2011. It was an awesome experience to share with a great group of guys.

Union Home Games: My favorite thing is seeing my family and friends on the hill.

Rituals: We listen to the same song after every win.

Contiued Lacrosse Plans: No plans for playing or coaching.

Coach Memory: Playing knockout with him in California. He’s quicker than you would imagine.


Alex Stone #4

Nickname: “Stone Bologne”

Years Played: 2009-2013

Position: Midfield

Team Memory: This year when we beat RPI at RPI for their alumni weekend.

Union Home Games: The fans and everyone up on the hill.

Rituals: I am very superstitious. A couple are the hat, shirt and tie I wear. Also the music I listen to.

Contiued Lacrosse Plans: I would like to coach in the future.

Coach Memory: This year’s senior day was a good one.


Coach Paul Wehrum leaves these six senior athletes with fond memories and expeiences he will never forget.Brooks: “Overcame a severe knee injury and was responsible for leading one of the best ‘man down battles’ in the country.”

Christine: “Played in every game from the first minute he stepped on campus … he single handedly led the Wounded Warrior game [and contributed to the] Kristen’s Kause game.”

Connors: “Truly a big player in big games … when the season was on the line he came up with five goals in the first half [in their win against Skidmore].”

Cordrey: “He only missed one game [during his whole Lacrosse career] … Great teams always seem to follow Joe around.”

Griesinger: “ I will most remember his three goals versus RPI his freshman year … he played through the most injuries of any athlete I have ever coached.”

Stone: “Called the Boy with the hair … unquestionably the best face-off man I have ever had at Union … he transformed himself [to raise the caliber of his face off abilities].”


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