Schenectady Foundation donates


By Matt Olson

The Schenectady Foundation has decided to donate $2 million to fund community projects around the city of Schenectady, one of the largest donations in its history.

The donation comes at the 50th anniversary of the Foundation, which has been donating money it has received from wills or estates to help revitalize the city.

As quoted in the Times Union, “It can’t just be to fix a building, buy food for the hungry or educate disadvantaged children.”

The project and fundraiser money must be used to make “significant, transformative change,” said Executive Director of the Foundation Robert Carreau.

Since the Foundation began in 1963, it has given out nearly $16 million in charitable donations.

This year, the Foundation intends to donate $2 million in total to any organization that submits a proposal to reform the city of Schenectady.

Although the Foundation is donated that sum of money, it does not believe that the money by itself will completely transform the city and many of its impoverished areas, such as Hamilton Hill or Mount Pleasant.

However, the Foundation believes that it will be a good start and can make a difference.

Executive Director of Schenectady Community Action Program Deb Schimpf believes that the donations can serve as “a catalyst” for future projects.


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