Satisfy your sweet tooth with SweetFrog


By Karyn DeFranco

SweetFrog’s goal is to create the “best frozen yogurt experience customers have ever had.” They have been achieving this goal since its establishment in 2009, and can now be found at over 200 locations.

SweetFrog is a self-serve frozen yogurt franchise where customers can create their own unique combination of flavors and toppings that are then weighed, paid for and enjoyed.

SweetFrog’s adorable cartoon mascots, Scoop and Cookie, provide a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for customers and SweetFrog’s F.R.O.G., which stands for “Fully Rely On God,” provides a friendly mission statement to be good neighbors in every location they establish.

SweetFrog becomes a part of each community it is established in. Every SweetFrog participates in outreach programs, which vary based on location and range from raising money for the arts, children’s hospitals, endangered species and many more.

SweetFrog offers 40 different flavors of nonfat yogurt, such as Thin Mint Cookie flavor, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Peach Mango Tart.

SweetFrog also offers 16 different flavors of low-fat yogurt, such as Cake Batter, Red Velvet and Cappuccino.

SweetFrog also offers three Supreme Flavors: Dutch Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut and Peanut Butter. Customers can choose from eight no-sugar-added flavors such as Praline, Mint and Cheesecake. But that’s not all; customers also have the option to choose from seven different sorbet flavors like Raspberry-Pomegranate, Strawberry-Lemonade and Key Lime. It doesn’t stop there. SweetFrog offers over 60 topping options including cookies, syrups, candy and fruit. With all the wonderful toppings, it is easy to forget to keep track of how much you add, so be careful!

Customers can also put their delicious deserts into one of their specialties, such as a waffle cone or bowl, a banana boat or a parfait.

After your delicious desert, you can also purchase apparel and accessories such as watches, plush toys, lunchboxes, shirts, children’s books and hats with Scoop and Cookie’s images on them from any store.

Whether it’s a hot spring day or just a regular study break, a trip to SweetFrog is an ideal option. With so many choices and its close location in Vestal across from Target, Union students should indulge their sweet tooth and use some of their free time to try SweetFrog where the hardest part is deciding what you want.


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