Mac Miller wows at SienaFest


By Ryan Asselin

On Saturday, April 27, Mac Miller came to Union’s neighbor, Siena College, for SienaFest ‘13.

SienaFest is somewhat similar to Union’s Springfest in that it lasts for an entire weekend in Siena’s spring term, close to their finals week. The event regularly features popular performers such as Miller and boasts other fun springtime activities as well.

A great performer, Miller put on an incredible show for college students from Siena and others in attendance. Playing the songs that once made him popular, along with several new hits, Miller never forgets where he came from, but is nonetheless still speeding steadily down the road to success.

Siena College was the first paid audience to hear “S.D.S. (Somebody Do Something),” a new single released this past month.

Aside from this new song, the college-aged audience knew every word that Miller rapped, keeping high intensity from start to finish.

As a devout  fan of the art of music, I was thoroughly impressed by the entire set, including the performance, the lighting, the set list and his banter inbetween songs.

Keep an ear open for Miller’s new music, with his album dropping soon. The young musician deserves all of the credit in the world for his creative lyrics that fans can easily relate to. Miller will stay towards the top of his genre for a while.


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