Learn to write the ‘write’ way!


By Akash Vasishta

Undergraduate writers have become drowned in a manner of prose that is so recycled it would make even a conservationist vomit. Often times, writers submitting work (and in this very paper, I must say) follow a strict and predictable pattern that photographically regresses one to early childhood, and the seedlings of writing education.

I mean photographical in the sense that you can almost exactly see the structural format that students used throughout their schooling. A large box at the top for the introduction, then three tall boxes in the middle for the body and then another wide box at the bottom for the conclusion. Oh, and transitional words, like “another way in which blah blah blah”— I don’t want to hear another word. Your writing faculties have been poisoned at the root because you were handed a cookie cutter in early schooling and have been making ugly and boring cookies since.

Expand your style and word choice if you publish; go beyond the basic blog post. If you are enraged about something that Union has been doing and you are not executing a verbal assault on the Morannon (black gates of Mordor) then just text your rant to your friend because that is the domain for such writing. Union has provided ample fodder for you as a student to criticize, please do so wisely. (Why haven’t people focused on the Nott as such a target? It sits haplessly out in the open, its sole purpose seems to be to attract prospects; it’s like that useless TV in Reamer, but prettier and more expensive.)

Be a deviant for god’s sake. In this very article I included several sentence fragments, and I don’t even think I had a clear body, but in the immortal words of Eric Cartman: “Whateva, whateva, I do what I want!” (I hope you know that the title was sarcastic.)

I know professors will be strict by way of structure, but if you are writing for leisure, be as original as possible. Much more expression will come to you that way.



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