‘Just like Mommy,’ one student says of Dining Services staff


By Nora Swidler

I, like so many of my fellow at students at Union, miss my mother while away at school.  I miss her asking me about my day, offering me advice, giving me a smile whenever I need it, and, of course, cooking for me.

Luckily for us Union students, we have the next best thing: our dining staff.  From Joyce in Dutch to Debbie in College Park and from Yvonne in O3 to Matty in West, we have everyone we need to take care of us.

I went to order food from Dutch the afternoon after a late night studying for an exam in Reamer.  Kate saw me and asked, “Nora, how’d your test go this morning, sweetheart?  I hope you ended up getting enough sleep last night.”  Not only did she remember how intensely I had studied the night before, she cares about me getting enough sleep.  She even made sure to add a little extra cheese on my wrap that day.

Maureen in Upper knows of my love for puns and corny jokes and handed me a printout of jokes she had seen earlier that day and thought I would appreciate.  Mirella in Upper never fails to greet me with a big smile.  Dawn, who runs Dutch, once mentioned to me that she knows well over half the campus on a first–name basis and is always ready with a welcoming hello.

And you would be hard-pressed to find a meal better on this campus than a West breakfast.  Students line up by the dozen for a famous Matty omelet.  After three years of unswerving devotion, Matty knows my order by heart and makes me the most perfect breakfast every time I am there, each one better than the last.

I cannot forget to mention one of the campus’ best-kept secrets, the College Park Hall kiosk’s salads.  “CPH Caesar salads are legendary,” said junior Joe Fitzpatrick.  “But they would be nothing without the wonderful Dining staff member Debbie.  She is cheerful and friendly, and always makes a point to thank me for coming all the way down campus to visit her!”

The head of Dining Services is just as friendly and approachable as his staff.  I recently went on a mini-escapade to reinstate Ken’s salad dressing as Union’s main dressing on campus.  David Gaul guided me in the process and, with the help of my fellow dissatisfied students, the Ken’s dressing is coming back.

Union College Dining Services is committed to giving us the most personal and delicious experience during our time on this campus. The staff, just like our mothers, cares for us and is dedicated to making our days more delicious.  Having the staff care about the students so affectionately is one of the many things that make Union’s family even stronger.


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