Intramurals at Union: The inside scoop


By Victoria Cullinan

Outside of participating in varsity intercollegiate sports, Union offers an enjoyable athletic alternative: intramural sports. Based on social interaction and fun, intramurals are a great way to stay active, both socially and physically. Sports run throughout all three terms and many different leagues are offered to provide various levels of competition.

Due to the beautiful warm weather and abundance of sunshine, spring term is the time when intramurals are most active. Many students are out on the soccer and football fields, playing softball and soccer, their laughter and cheering echoing throughout campus.

Intramural sports available on campus include: flag football, kickball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, street hockey, dodgeball, water polo, lacrosse and softball. The sports in full swing right now include softball, soccer and lacrosse. Teams can either be all male, all female or co-ed. Co-ed teams provide a great way for men and women to compete with one another.

Along with being a great way to stay active, intramurals act as a channel of socialization and can provide students with the opportunity to hang out with friends and even meet new people. Cara Slugaski ‘16, a member of one of the women’s lacrosse intramural teams, says, “It’s a lot of fun for everyone who shows up, and it’s a laid back, fun way for girls who like playing lacrosse to casually play and socialize at the same time.”

Registration for intramurals usually occurs a few weeks before they begin and it is possible to propose the creation of new intramural sports teams. In order to do so, one can contact Mike Polsinelli, the assistant director of intramural sports, or Paul Wehrum, the men’s lacrosse head coach.

Some key rules of eligibility to remember when thinking about participating include the requirement that players must be active Union students, a player can represent only one team in that sport in a given season and all varsity intercollegiate players cannot participate or compete in intramural sports.

Intramurals invite every kind of Union student to come and play. There are teams that consist of biology majors, all freshmen and even conjoined fraternity and sorority teams. Intramural sports offer a fun way to compete, stay active, socialize and even allow for students who have never played a sport to get involved and learn how to play.

Next time you are looking for something fun to do in the sun or on a late Sunday night, hit up the soccer and football fields for some friendly competition.



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