Humans vs. Zombies invades campus


By Matt Olson

The annual Humans vs. Zombies game began again on campus this past Monday.

The game will continue through tomorrow, May 17, and involves a few select zombies “feeding” on human participants in order to eliminate all humans from the game. The game began with an “original zombie” being selected at 6 a.m. on Monday, From then on, zombies begin tagging humans in an attempt to convert them into zombies.

Once a human is tagged, he or she officially becomes a zombie 15 minutes later and begins attacking other humans still in the game.

Zombies must tag humans to eliminate them; however, humans may use either sock “grenades” or Nerf guns in order to assist them in stunning zombies. If a zombie is stunned, he or she is unable to convert any humans for 30 minutes.

While there are many places to convert a human into a zombie, there are specified safe zones where no fighting can occur. These include any personal rooms (not including common rooms), bathrooms, administrative buildings and within all academic buildings.

While these areas are considered safe havens, the moderators of the game encourage participants to not change their daily routine because of the game.

The moderators of the game also hold missions throughout the course of the competition, during which kills do not count toward the regular game.

Each participant in the missions will have a grace period both before and after a mission begins in order to arrive and depart from the mission site without being easily tagged by a zombie.

While friends cannot aid a participant in avoiding zombies, traveling in groups is a common event among humans to stay alive.

The Humans vs. Zombies website shows that there are 338 participants in this year’s event.  The moderators encourage all participants to have fun and be safe and smart. And, they emphasize, “No argyle socks … seriously.”



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