Fond memories recalled by Seniors


By Dorothy Hazan

As the class of 2013 prepares to graduate in June, a few students enjoy taking time to reflect on their Union experiences.

The fondest memory from campus for Shilp Darivemula ‘13 include the One Billion Rising flash-mob of over 100 students in Reamer Campus Center, which she referred to as one of the major highlights of her Union career.

“It was a moment where we were outside of ourselves, our comfort zone and our Union bubbles, and were connected with the outside world in unity,” said Darivemula. “This dance was performed on Valentine’s Day around the world to fight against gender violence against women. It was incredibly humbling and exhilarating.”

From guest speakers like the Unabomber’s brother on the death penalty, to the annual Steinmetz Symposium, to her own experience in “Anamika”—an anti human trafficking dance performance—Darivemula has been blown away by the moments that have inspired her during her time at Union.

“To underclassmen, cherish your highs and embrace the lows and take each moment, each mistake, each win for what it is—just a small moment in a bigger picture—because these experiences, this learning, both good and bad, is what averages out into the ‘best years of your life,’” said Darivemula. “Take a chance, try something new, and be a part of this vibrant Union community.”

As a winner of the 2013 Watson Fellowship, Darivemula will take a year after graduation to travel the world studying dance and healing before attending Albany Medical School.

For Shawn Tangnavarad ‘13, a member of the Dutch Pipers, his first year singing a cappella at ReUnion Weekend sticks out in his mind.

“We were singing at CPH to the class of 1975, when five members of the Pipers of ‘75 stepped out of the crowd and made us sound like the reject reel for American Idol,” said Tangnavarad.

In addition to all the inspiring moments, Tangnavarad is grateful for the times when he seized the moment to have fun and make a memory.

During his sophomore year, for instance, when he and his friends looked out of their windows at 9 a.m., saw two feet of snow, and took a sick day to high-tail it to Jiminy Peak for a full day of skiing.

Like most college students entering the work force, Tangnavarad is starting small after graduation, but he plans to involve himself in sustainable energy, with the dream of one day owning his very own Fortune 500 Company.

“I would encourage underclassmen to never be afraid of doing something awesome or epic. If you want to build a boat for Springfest, do it. This school is famous for its engineers,” said Tangnavarad. “Have fun. Be safe, but also remember that you’re only young once. Oh and go abroad. Specifically New Zealand. New Zealand’s great.”

Spring term is the most sentimental and active term for seniors, as they do as many things and attend as many events as possible in the limited amount of time they have left.

Parties are in full swing, tons of senior theses have been presented at Steinmetz and seniors attend their final Springfest. They also get to attend fun “senior specific” events, such as Wine and Cheese Night.

As their final spring term comes to a close with graduation just around the bend, seniors are bracing themselves for many bittersweet goodbyes, including to professors and friends and to the Nott, a building that has been the subject of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram photos and lives for the past four years.



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